At the entrance of the Collat and Bill L. Harbert has been installed a customized solution designed with panels PixelFlex FlexUltra, which flows from a screen fragmented with individual mosaics to a more traditional design where there are further grouped mosaics.

PixelFlex at University of Alabama

The University of Alabama It has recently opened a new headquarters of the Collat and Bill L. Harbert Instituto de Innovación and entrepreneurship business school in Birmingham.

Designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects of New York City and Williams Blackstock Architects of Birmingham, school of about 33,000 square meters is designed to provide a modern and innovative learning environment. And with this in mind it has installed a display honoring all those who have helped to make this project possible.

For its implementation, the University has worked with the company Fravert Services that has opted for a design of video Led FlexUltra 'free-flowing' (free flow) of pixel Flex.

"They wanted the new building to serve as a testimony of success for their business and entrepreneurship programs. In addition, recognize the donors who financed construction. For this we create a completely customized Led video design using a series of mosaics FlexUltra", says Drew Fravert, Project Manager, Fravert Services.

The dynamic and creative FlexUltra high-definition Led display allows endless opportunities to create a video experience with each table made specifically for this installation.

With a contrast of 16:9 and 4:3 ratio, FlexUltra offers a 160 ° horizontal and vertical viewing angle and allows the maintenance from the front. In addition, panels allow an installation and on-site maintenance quick and easy. With 3.869 Hz refresh rate, FlexUltra panels are available with a pixel pitch of 1.2, 1.6 and 1.9 mm pixel.

"When we started the design process to incorporate the digital display in the lobby, we went through the standard rectangular concepts, but it was not the the innovative nature of the school." The Led video gives us the ability to be more creative and, for this reason, we started to think of using PixelFlex individual modules to create something really interesting. Your custom design allows to demonstrate where is heading the University and what means to be a student in the College", explains Fravert.

The screen did not only have to be unique but also had to be functional. From the idea of the journey of the student through the educational process, we designed a fluid digital experience and practice.

"This custom screen, we had to provide a space to show the traditional 16 × 9 video, to college so we also needed to create a central screen. If you see the screen from right to left, to enter the building, it flows from a screen fragmented with individual mosaics to a more traditional design where there are further grouped mosaics. This gives the University the ability to show both the custom as its traditional elements of video also content", adds Fravert.

La pared en sí es una especie de ‘pared falsa’ con un espacio de cinco pulgadas por detrás, donde los cables y conexiones van a un servidor central que lo alimenta todo. La Universidad está utilizando una plantilla de Adobe After Effects para colocar diferentes elementos de video o gráficos personalizados que crean una experiencia digital dinámica.

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By • 19 Mar, 2019
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