Manufacturer of audio systems has incorporated three new models of a headset that adapt to the new requirements of connectivity in work environments.

Binaural and monaural, the three new a headset of the Century family of Sennheiserspecialized in solutions of sound and communication, offer an updated design, with metallic details and ergonomic elements, and improved audio to maintain a continuous communication in office work and call center environments.

The model 660 SC ANC USB is a designed, binaural headset for those workers, customer-focused and need maximum concentration, providing optimal sound quality, an effective management of calls and great comfort. It has a heavy duty cable, active cancellation (ANC) noise and proximity sensor technology.

For its part, the Sennheiser Century Mobile USB-C variants (mark represented by) Magnetron), specifically models SC 635 USB-C (mono) and SC 665 USB-C (binaural) offer connectivity for USB-C and 3.5 mm jack As a result, they provide additional flexibility for office workers who need to switch between different devices and locations, without compromising productivity and clarity of communication.

These three new a headset are optimized for unified communications and have certification of business Skype to connect to a PC/softphone.

With three-year warranty, these Sennheiser systems also incorporate active noise-cancelling on-demand and power through control of call on line.

Other features is that proximity sensor, incorporate for the calls when the headphones are placed and removed, and may reply, leaving them on hold or resume them. To this is added a set of call control with different functions, call management, located in the cable: answer and end, mute the microphone, and raise and lower the volume.

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By • 20 May, 2019
• Section: accessories, Audio