For 'Brain, vaster than the sky' display, which you can see in the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, projectors have been used 4 K 7-HS laser which is a rear projection screen AV Stumpfl Vario 4, 40 × 2, 50 metres.

Christie Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Lisbon (Portugal) used projectors laser HS series of Christie for display Brain, vaster than the sky, that it be open until June 10.

Considered one of the best museums in Portugal, this Foundation is a private institution which aims to promote the art, charity, education and science. It was created in 1956 with the inheritance of Calouste Gulbenkian, an Armenian oil magnate.

Christie 4K 7-HS and 4K 10-HSDisplay Brain wider than the sky It is a journey around the human brain: its origin, the complexity of the human mind, the challenges of artificial minds... Includes historical documents, three-dimensional models, computer graphics, paintings, interactive, audiovisual...

The main attraction is a video installation that provides an immersive experience, emotional and sensory, through images of the artist and American neuroscientist Greg Dunn and the soundscape of the Portuguese composer Rodrigo Leão. Projectors have been used for its realization laser Christie 4K 7-HS of technology 1DLP, 4K UHD resolution and 7,000 lumens for a rear projection screen AV Stumpfl Various 4, 40 × 2, 50 metres.

"We chose Christie for this installation because we needed equipment that would give us quality 4 K at 60 Hz with a reduced size. Their projectors provide us with sharp colors and a fine pixel detail. But, best of all, is that when there are blacks in the picture, there are also black in the projection", explains Guilherme Martins, co-founder of Artica, the company that acted as the project Integrator.

Christie Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian

HS series is equipped with the solution BoldColor Technology that provides high-fidelity color reproduction. This technology, patented by Christie, works with red and blue laser diodes, as well as an optical camera, specialized software and video processing. This allows to achieve big improvements in color and saturation and some Visual much more realistic of the accomplished with laser projectors conventional.

For Luis Carmo, account manager of Total AV, the company that supplied the equipment, "in addition to its extremely high image accuracy, must also mention its compact (36 kilos), super quiet operation (33dB in eco mode) and consistent performance of 24 hours." This model has the advantage of offering 4 K UHD resolution, providing a spectacular chromatic performance with natural and vivid colors, whereupon the images it produces are stunning."

Projector Christie 4K 7-HS is equipped in addition with Christie Twist software for warping and blending, and Omni-directional ability. Also allows the transport of video 4K 60 with a single HDMI or Display Port cable, simplifying installation and cable routing, while the built-in camera helps the user to make sure that the projector is configured and aligned for a single screen . Offers zoom and sharpness of image automatic.

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By • 24 May, 2019
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Display, Projection