This large-format, sharp display works with ultra-short shot projectors and is available in two options: frameless, wall mount, or a frame that allows you to install it on a floor stand or opt to suspend it from the ceiling in cables.

DNP ClearSign

DNP denmark has announced its transparent 80 inch ClearSign screen. An advanced optical projection equipment that is crystal clear, which means there's nothing fuzzy behind it. This way you can show flashy pictures while the back remains visible.

According to your manufacturer is bigger and more profitable than transparent LCD/OLED prototypes that have been announced.

"In the digital signage market there is a great interest in transparent screens, as they can make advertising a natural part of the store environment. For some time, OLED/LED manufacturers have been displaying 55 inch transparent prototypes without actually bringing the products to market. Here we have a huge 80 inch screen in a complete package, ready to install, "says Soeren Kraemmergaard of DNP Demark.

DNP ClearSign

The 80 ″ DNP ClearSign works with Ultra short Throw – UST projectors that shoot from pronounced angles and have a very small footprint. The 8.3 mm thick screen is easy to clean and can be hung from the ceiling, placed on a floor stand or installed on a wall.

It's available in two options. As a stand-alone screen without frame, for wall mounting, or with a frame that allows you to install it on a floor support or opt to suspend it from the ceiling in cables creating a floating image. It can also be used as a touch screen for interactive purposes.

A large-format screen and sharpness suitable for use in shops, museums, receptions or other applications where a completely transparent solution is needed to create an impressive effect.

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By • 5 Jun, 2019
• Section: OUTSTANDING, Digital signage, Display