The manufacturer has introduced this system in the recent edition of InfoComm 2019, which includes the AL60 and AL90 speakers, as well as ALi60 and ALi90, designed for permanent installation boxes.

The new series of d&b audiotechnik as a novelty offers an advanced concept of speaker - the increased arrangement-, which arises from the evolution of the system which the manufacturer applies, and which has been shown for the first time during his participation in InfoComm 2019.

With a combination of variable angles between boxes, two concepts of acoustic optimization and advanced design of waveguide, A series covers applications in which it is paramount to have flexibility of coverage, both in horizontal placements as vertical.

The A-Series epimifis the full adaptability of a point source cluster with the complete control options for a d&b online array. The system includes the AL60 and AL90 speakers, as well as the ALi60 and ALi90 boxes, designed specifically for permanent installations.

With the right structure, up to four AL60/AL90 and Ali60/ALi90 speakers can be hung in vertical or horizontal arrangements. Variable angles can be set between adjoining boxes in five-degree increments, from -10o to +10o, allowing for precision adjustments and ensuring that the sound is directed exactly where you want it.

The Medium Frequency Range (MDC) Directivity Control function ensures that 200 Hz and 2 kHz are evenly distributed, regardless of the adjustments of the angles between the boxes. With a horizontal dispersion of 60 degrees and directivity control up to approximately 550 Hz, the AL60/ALi60 speaker can cover a distance of up to 30 meters.

The AL90/ALi90 speaker, with horizontal pattern control from 90o to 370 Hz, is sonically and mechanically compatible, ensuring that the same optimal acoustic result is achieved constantly everywhere, at any angle and whatever the configuration.

Además, los altavoces AL60/AL90 comparten un diseño pasivo de dos vías e incluyen un motor de compresión de altas frecuencias (HF) de salida de 1,4” con un diafragma de 3” montado en un dispositivo moldeador de onda, así como dos motores de bajas frecuencias (LF) de neodimio de 10”.

Un sofisticado diseño de guía de ondas, combinado con la disposición dipolar simétrica de los motores de bajas frecuencias (LF) permite una superposición uniforme de las bandas de frecuencia adyacentes en el diseño de crossover. Los segmentos de onda resultantes de cada una de las cajas se sumarán coherentemente y sin cancelaciones.

Compatible with a wide range of d&b amplifiers and subwoofers, it makes it easy for the entire system to be customized to meet the specific needs of the application. The four-channel amplifiers -30D, D20 and D80 - that accompany them provide complete user-definable equalization.

In addition, they have in two 16-band equalizers with parametric filters -Notch, shelving and asymmetric-, as well as delay functions of up to ten seconds. V-GSUB and Vi-GSUB are recommended for low-frequency extension with the A-Series, with many more options available for mobile and installation applications, large or small.

Wolfgang Schulz, product manager at d&b, notes that "the enhanced A-Series fix provides our customers with a new set of scalable solutions, which function as an independent system or combined with our range of systems. The flexibility of the angles between boxes, the directivity function of the mid-frequency range and the performance of ArrayProcessing allow to cover a wide range of applications, with a uniformity of coverage that is unmatched".

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By • 17 Jun, 2019
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