After your presentation at Prolight + Sound 2019 this new moving head with IP65 is now available in the Spanish market through Stonex, official supplier of the brand.

A few weeks of the time par excellence of festivals and major events in the open air, there are few options that actually provide operational guarantees of lighting under all climatic conditions when it comes to acquiring new equipment for these events.

The cost of accessories such as coatings that insulated water devices or distribution of tarpaulins to prevent that outbreaks get wet, may complicate the entire Assembly process. For this reason, manufacturers have developed moving heads that can operate outdoors, even in conditions of rain, as the model Perseo, mark Ayrtondistributed in Spain by Stonex.

Perseus is a powerful and versatile moving head Led source with protection IP65 (from dust and dirt), which offers an extraordinary water resistance with respect to conventional devices, which are usually qualified as IP20.

It integrates a monochromatic Led chip calibration to 8000 K, with metallic white light of 27,000 lumens supported by just 500W, for greater profitability and energy saving, without giving up the power.

As for the creative possibilities offered by this new fixture in terms of color, projections and framing in many applications, Ayrton Perseus has a CMY color mixing system + CTO and wheel six colors, to offer an infinity of shades and respond to the needs of the Illuminators in their designs.

Thanks to its motorized blade system, it is possible to trim the work area, turning it into a highly versatile focus that allows you to work from classical spaces such as theatres, to large stages where there are several foci and which do not Cross, as well as to illuminate specific parts of a stage or even facades, thanks to its wide range of zoom, from 7 to 56 degrees.

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By • 19 Jun, 2019
• Section: Thoroughly, accessories, illumination