GeneSist has integrated the ShowMatch DeltaQ system and a solution of distributed audio from this manufacturer for the various artistic performances and educational events that occur in your scenario.

Founded in 1979, the Humanitas University He has eleven campuses in Mexico, the newest of these is the Madin dam, which opened last year in Atizapan de Zaragoza, very near the city of Mexico, and that it now has a functional Theatre, the first of this University.

To ensure that all works, performances, conferences and cultural activities that occur in the new Humanitas Theatre have all the technical facilities, the Mexican specialist GeneSist He has designed a comprehensive solution for audio, video, lighting and theatrical outfit.

With up to 512 people, Humanitas Theatre has a scenario of professional dimensions, rehearsal and warm-up areas, dressing rooms, cabin control and a huge lobby. Being designed as a multifunctional space, a versatile technological infrastructure is required to respond to the needs of any production.

"Theatre, dance, opera, classical and popular concerts; public speaking, conferences, presentations to corporate and academic... everything at the Humanitas Theatre", explains María Guadalupe Lima, Coordinator of the same.

Therefore, the sound system had to respond to this versatility of events with a solution in quality, performance, intelligibility, and ease of use. "From that theatre was hardly a project on planes, GeneSist engaged to advise on the different technological solutions, isoptic and theatrical mechanics, and finally we take care of all the technology integration", recalls Fidel Molina, Manager of operations and projects from this company.

GeneSist chose technology from Bose professional for all audio solution. "For sound to the theater room, we decided to use a system of line array loudspeakers ShowMatch DeltaQ. We work with the drawings and data to generate a predictive model through the Bose Modeler software and make sure that our proposal would listen as we wanted", says Molina.

Humanitas Theatre room has a great height and is rectangular in shape, and the stage is located in one of the baselines, i.e. on the longer side. These features were a challenge for GeneSist to achieve total coverage, without "sound hollow".

Solving it is designed a solution with a linear arrangement ShowMatch, formed by four modules and a subwoofer on hand, as well as a speaker RoomMatch Utility as sound reinforcement to the Center.

"ShowMatch system was ideal for its wide horizontal coverage and, although the room is very high, its modules offer different angles of coverage - says responsible for GeneSist-. With a suitable design we reached up to the last armchair with impeccable fidelity and sound pressure level".

Four amplifiers PowerMatch PM8500 provide the power needed to feed the ShowMatch DeltaQ system, while ControlSpace ESP-880 ensures the quality of the signal processing. ShowMatch system consists of four modules per side (two SM5, SM10 an and another SM20), two subwoofers SMS118 (one per side), and a RoomMatch Utility RMU208 speaker in the center of the stage.

This application is a good example of the performance of DeltaQ technology, because the sound is directed more accurately to the audience, whereas each module interchangeable waveguides, allow to vary the coverage, and even create asymmetric patterns, which result is a high-quality sound and excellent vocal clarity for every seat in the room.

In addition to the sound of the room, GeneSist set up a speaker system to cover the dressing rooms and the lobby area, and inform the public as artists waiting in the area of the dressing rooms of the shows start, play music environment or locate someone. The sound has been distributed in two zones with sixteen units FreeSpace DS 40SE, controlled by an amplifier and digital mixer FreeSpace DXA2120.

Como señala María Guadalupe Lima, el resultado sonoro es consecuencia de un trabajo integral y muy profesional con GeneSist y Bose, “es realmente sorprendente del sonido del teatro. Las compañías que vienen a presentar sus obras reciben un trato técnico profesional, con un sonido que solo tienen grandes auditorios y estamos muy contentos”.

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By • 27 Jun, 2019
• Section: Audio, Study cases