Up to 450 robotics from this manufacturer, more than 500 meters of Led screens and eighteen cameras have been used to produce a synchronized visual effect during the DVD recording of the Samba composer's concert.

Ferrugem, the stage name of the Samba singer-songwriter, has recorded a DVD of his concert at the Arena Jeunesse in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; a show directed by Anselmo Trancoso and whose lighting design has been performed by Brazilian specialist and cinematographer Carlinhos Nogueira with 450 robotics from Robe, along with other luminaires, more than 500 meters of Led screens and eighteen cameras to capture all angles during their performance.

The specialist Wolf Produs, through Gabriel Pincel as technical director of this project, has been in charge of supplying the equipment, as well as the technical production of this artist's tours.

Specifically, the Robe equipment used consists of: 36 BMFL Washbeam luminaires; 94 Pointe; 60 Megapointe; 62 Spiider; 56 Spikie; 57 CycFX; 72 Led Beam 150 and 8 led panels inclined to make a synchronized combination between lighting and displays.

The BMFL WashBeam luminaires were placed at the back of the stage to create and give illumination from behind, while the MegaPointe hung square trusses above the stage and above a long step that protruded over the audience.

Pointe and Led Beam 150 units were installed on the front wings of the stage, as well as on a series of Led edges that framed the trusses located at the top of the stage, while the Spiider luminaires were placed in the trusses built on top the audience to enlighten attendees at large angles and to sweep from one side of the enclosure to the other.

The rig was designed to provide complete and homogeneous lighting for all cameras, while allowing to generate filler options and multiple effects for particular moments of the show. Thus, the MegaPointe created spectacular 'group effects' using the gobos and prisms, which produced a wide variety of effects that the cameras captured with total quality.

The large blocks of color, in wash mode running through the audience, along with motion and wave effects were the work of Spiider luminaires, and CycFX 8 units were used to delimit the geometry and shapes of square trusses and other parts of the stage.

The lighting control of the show was carried out with a combination of grandMA3 and grandMA2 consoles MA Lighting, along with the media server Resolume for video playback.

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By • 8 Jul, 2019
• Section: Study cases, Control, Events, illumination