For this show, which will pay tribute to such women, will be employed nine projectors of 22,000 lumens each, 28 robotic heads and 20 static sources of lighting, as well as a sound of 50,000 W of power system distributed in six towers.

Acciona fires of the Apostle 2019

On 25 July we celebrate the Festival in honor patron Santiago de Compostela that take place each year in the Galician capital and to celebrate the 'fires of the Apostle' audiovisual and fireworks show will take place. Acciona productions and design)APD) it will be the company responsible for its staging.

This show, which will join projections of mapping, live music in the plaza, special effects, pyrotechnics, lighting and soundtrack, will be screened on the facade of the Palacio de Raxoi (Plaza del Obradoiro) on July 24 at eleven o'clock in the overnight.

It is estimated that more 5,000 spectators will attend live this event, which will last approximately 30 minutes, and is preceded by three hours of special lighting and ambient music in the square.

Acciona fires of the Apostle 2019

The show will this year four main plot axis: the Camino de Santiago, as a way of cultural exchange with foreign pilgrims; the architecture of the city and its growth; integration and interdependence between Santiago de Compostela and nearby rural areas; and, finally, a review of some of the Galician women who have made history.

One of the most visually stunning moments of projection will be when on the facade of the Palacio de Raxoi 'the main buildings of the city, to be built', in the eyes of viewers, as if it were a journey back in time.

The show will recall in addition to great women of recent history and the present, which have been linked to the city of Santiago de Compostela. The screening will highlight Rosalía de Castro, but will also remind other women, relevant, although unevenly known, as the writer and editor María Francisca island and Losada, the exiled singer María Valverde, the poet and playwright Herminia Fariña Cobian, Concha Vazquez painter or the feminist teacher María Vázquez Suárez, among others.

Acciona fires of the Apostle 2019

Audiovisual production apply cutting-edge technologies to provide a picture of four million pixels of resolution. To do this, Acciona productions and design will employ nine 22,000 lumens video projectors each, 28 robotic heads and 20 static sources of lighting, as well as a sound of 50,000 W of power system distributed in six towers.

A total of 366 kilograms of gunpowder and 6.015 effects of shot are used in pyrotechnics. To do this, APD will return to having Ricasa, Valencian company specializing in pyrotechnics on a large scale. Music live will be borne by the folk group Cantigas e Agarimos Santiago de Compostela.

Acciona productions and design has been responsible for the design and execution of the spectacle of the festivals of the Apostle of Santiago de Compostela on twelve occasions, and it has been awarded by this show with the award for the best Cultural event of Europe at the European events Awards (Euboea).

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