Designed for application in corporate and retail environments, this range of digital displays is now on sale in six sizes, spanning 43 to 86 inches.

The range of professional PN-HW screens Sharp, now available on the market, offers 4K – UHD resolution and use for sixteen hours a day (with some 24/7 in large format PN-H models) in corporate and retail environments

Sharp has developed twelve new models for digital signage this year (more data in digital AV) that are integrated into three series: PN-HM, PN-HB and PN-HW to fit any space and deliver engaging content.

PN-HW professional displays are available in six sizes, 43 to 86 inches, and incorporate a USB media player, and the PN-HB and PN-HM series models are large format, in sizes ranging from 65 to 85".

These systems can be installed vertically or horizontally and can run third-party applications through the built-in Android 7.1 SoC and a Mini-OPS extension slot.

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By • 2 Sep, 2019
• Section: Digital signage, Display