A digital signage and television system based on the IPTV and VOD platform of this manufacturer, composed of 150 systems, has been the solution chosen by Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals for its two campuses.

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, with offices in Lincoln and Omaha(Nebraska– USA), has been providing rehabilitation and physical medicine services to children and adults across the country that have been recognized through state-of-the-art research and the use of the latest technologies since 1958.

As part of their philosophy of creating a community-based and inclusive environment, the hospital managers wanted to install a modern infotainment solution for bedside television, with live TV, video-on-demand (VOD), entertainment and information about the rehabilitation campus.

To do this, they turned to the local technology specialist Performance Solutions, who was in charge of advising them and showing them the solutions Tripleplay.

Brad Arth, Madonna's IT systems administrator, explains: "They were in charge of connecting with other local users of the Tripleplay platform, organizing a tour of their facilities and thus knowing first-hand how they had implemented their technology and develop some ideas on how to use the platform."

Madonna decided to implement the Tripleplay platform on her two campuses, deploying 150 endpoints of digital signage and interactive IPTV, with additional capabilities to deliver live video and TV to desktop computers.

"When we opted for the Tripleplay platform we had about two weeks before reopening the hospital after its renovation to install it, it would work and offer ongoing support," Arth recalls, "and it was a challenge, at first daunting."

Until that time, the center had well-functioning televisions, media and personalized content created and broadcast on all 150 screens, so we were well on our way to personally program all the TVs of the hospital," says Arth.

Tripleplay's solution includes full VOD and IPTV capabilities for each patient's bedside TELEVISION and also integrates with the hospital's custom-made head controller to make the system even easier to use.

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By • 3 Sep, 2019
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