This new model, with Full HD resolution, wireless connectivity and a battery with up to five hours of battery life, adds to the announcement of the PL1 series, 4,000 lumens and IP6X rating, made by the manufacturer at a corporate event in Berlin.

The Led C250i portable wireless projector Acer It offers unsupported multi-angle guidance and the first self-portrait mode to date on the market, based on company data, offering users an easy way to share content from the smartphone anytime, anywhere.

“Acer sigue demostrando su capacidad de innovación en el mercado de los proyectores con C250i -ha señalado Victor Chien, presidente de Digital Display Business en Acer-. No sólo presenta un factor de forma de diseño creativo que permite la proyección multiángulo sin soporte ni trípode, sino también un modo de autorretrato único para compartir contenido con el smartphone”.

Unlike other equipment that is limited to horizontal projections, C250i supports unsupported multi-angle projection thanks to its unique twisted roll design, which also saves space and offers users total flexibility to project their screen on walls, ceilings and any surface you want, without the need for a stand or tripod.

Placed sideways, users can 'roll' the projector to find the best angle to see the content on the wall or on the ceiling; Vertical orientation supports horizontal wall projections and activates self-portrait mode. The latter allows users to directly project video chat or live streaming sessions (on Facebook or other networks) wirelessly, using the entire projection surface without black bars on the sides.

Disponible en España desde enero de 2019, su pequeño y compacto tamaño no impide que el proyector ofrezca imágenes de alta definición de 1080p, con una autonomía de hasta cinco horas con una sola carga. Tanto los usuarios de Android como iOS pueden conectarse a C250i de forma inalámbrica para disfrutar de una experiencia fluida y sin cables.

El módulo Led de este proyector ofrece una vida útil de hasta 30.000 horas, una amplia gama de colores 100% compatible con NTSC, un brillo de 300 lúmenes Ansi y una relación de contraste de 5.000:1. Los altavoces Bluetooth que incorpora tienen una potencia nominal de 5 vatios.

In addition to wireless connectivity, Acer C250i also features a standard HDMI port for connecting and viewing content on a laptop or desktop. The USB Type-C and Type-A ports support video output for both smartphones and PCs, and are plug and play, so no additional software or drivers are needed.

PL1 series: 4000 lumens laser projection

Acer has also announced the new PL1 series laser projectors (PL1520i models; PL1320W and PL1220), designed for medium-sized exhibition halls, events, fairs or meetings, with uninterrupted operation and low maintenance with a Led module that lasts up to 30,000 hours.

Los equipos de la serie PL1, disponibles en el mercado español el próximo mes de noviembre, están especialmente indicados para proyectar imágenes de forma inalámbrica en aplicaciones empresariales, como publicidad, tablones de anuncios comunitarios, reproducción de vídeo en vestíbulos, etc.

For durability, the projectors in this series are IP6X rated, with a sealed optical motor and support 360o projection and self-portrait, as well as 4-corner keystone image adjustment.

Added to this is the Acer CastMaster Touch wireless presentation system, consisting of elegant stone receivers and transmitters to replace installations with cables. Ready to use, no software needed and can switch signals between presenters in 0.1 seconds. CastMaster Touch is controlled by touch gestures and features a low latency of less than 100 ms for responsive images, and works seamlessly with the PL1 series in meeting rooms.

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By • 5 Sep, 2019
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