The new circus opera rock production has a varied and powerful led luminaire configuration from this manufacturer, according to the design of Juanjo Llorens.

The well-known Circus of horrors this representing its fourth circus rock opera production –Apocalypse - The day after- combining theatre drama, the fast-paced rhythm of rock and roll and the adrenaline of the circus. On tour in the main cities of Spain, after being premiered in Madrid, this work will also be presented internationally.

To illuminate this show, designer Juanjo Llorens needed a flexible and powerful rig to create the environment and impact needed in this production, the result of which has been a total of 126 robotics of the firm Robe, with 24 MegaPointe, 24 Pointe, 24 Spiider, 24 LedBeam 150, 24 ParFect 100 and 6 BMFL WashBeam luminaires.

The rental company Smart Fussion has been responsible for the supply of Robe luminaires, in which in recent years it has invested on a regular basis, through the Spanish distributor EES, and others used in this show.

Apocalypse - The day after represents the largest staging by the Circus of Horrors and the third in which Juanjo Llorens has been lighting designer. It includes a live band and a larger group of dancers, as well as acrobatics and impressive aerial movements, so more varied and powerful lighting has been required.

Another important change is that Circus of horrors no longer uses a large traditional circus shop, but a huge structure of Italian shops comprising the whole stage, such as box, racks, technical installations and auditorium, etc; which has meant a more complex lighting design.

One of the main elements of this production is a large Led screen, 28 meters wide and 8 high, which cycles provides a digital stage and a variety of environmental backgrounds to the show, directed by Suso Silva.Precisely to achieve a optimal combination with the display Robe's multifunctional luminaires were chosen.

To facilitate circus events a square rigging has been designed, and below a mother grid has been installed to create the upper lighting positions, limited to 14 meters, where the Pointe, MegaPointe and Spiider luminaires have been installed.

As more space was needed for essential side lighting positions, Llorens has used the rigging structure that was built for the video screen, the effect of which is that the lights create a U-shaped frame above the stage.

Using brackets and support bars, side lights have been installed from the top of this structure to the ground, which is particularly effective in illuminating the choir and dancers. For this purpose, the remaining LedBeam 150 and ParFect luminaires have been installed.

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By • 30 Sep, 2019
• Section: Study cases, Events, illumination