This consistory of Aragon has renewed its public address system and microphone to improve the intelligibility and sound of its debate space.


The sound project carried out in the plenary hall of the Town Hall of Cuarte de Huerva with specialist products Fonestar is composed of a digital sound column, of the FCS-10101D model, which completes the renovated public address system and microphone installed.

This sound column with configurable directivity has been designed to concentrate the sound in the audience area and improve intelligibility in the public address system, for both voice and ambient music applications, especially in enclosures with high reverberation.

blankThe main installation of the plenary hall of this consistory is the conference system SCF Fonestar, which consists of a central model SCF-250 and microphones president SCF-260P and delegate SCF-270D. This system allows you to have up to 64 microphones connected at the same time.


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by • 5 nov, 2019
• section: audio, AV Conferencing, Case studies