Specially developed for application in receptions of companies and hotels, this management system helps to create a safer and more efficient environment in organizations.


Optimised Visitor Management's system Sharp is a smart platform, secure and easy to use to manage the registration of those entering an installation (Guests, employees, Suppliers, Etc), improving the productivity and time of reception staff.

The intuitive software and touch screen technology that make up this system provide a quick and easy way for visitors to register when entering and leaving the building or a specific area of a company., hotel,… With a simple tap to the screen you access the visitor manager to enter your details.

blankIn the latter, the person who registers has information and consent vital for the protection of their data and legal requirements, helping to create a safer and more efficient workplace.

Once the session is complete, the visitor management system prints the credential. In addition, credential information can be configured to include details such as visitors' first and last names, who is visited, as well as WiFi settings and health and safety instructions.

blankGroups can register prior to the completion of the visit and access more quickly using the QR code. You can also schedule dates for frequent visits, Recurrent, and the system even shows who was last visited.

The reception staff does not have to notify the specific person that your visit has arrived, since the visitor management system does it instantly by text message or email. Couriers can also deliver packages with a special delivery button, that employees of the organization are notified in the same way.

Sharp Optimised Visitor Management generates reports to track the flow of people entering and leaving the building, as well as create a real-time report to identify exactly who is inside, for protection reasons, legal compliance and security. In case of an emergency you can even quickly and easily contact all staff with evacuation instructions.

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by • 12 nov, 2019
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