For display solutions, NEC large format displays have been chosen, while the sound is responsible for Shure and QSC technology. All this is managed and controlled through Crestron's systems.

NEC at Abcam

Abcam it identifies, develops and provides high-quality biological reagents and tools that are essential in a wide range of fields and applications, including drug discovery, diagnostics, and basic research.

For more than two decades, Abcan has been dedicated to identifying, developing and providing antibodies and products for scientific research. To support its growth and centralize the four locations it had decided to move to a new building on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Designed around the creation of collaboration spaces, the new Global HQ facilitates open collaboration between teams to improve efficiency and innovation.

NEC at Abcam

To carry out the AV part of this project, Abcam turned to the firm Snelling Business Systems. The challenge was to equip 37 meeting rooms and conference spaces with different solutions. Spaces that required advanced IPTV and signage systems, as well as room reservation and interactive orientation systems. Snelling Business Systems opted to use the NEC Display throughout the facility.

"The nature of Abcam's business demands precision and reliability, NEC supported our meticulous delivery for this highly complex project. They offer quality products, a good service, agile and flexible, which guarantees a smooth implementation", explains Toby Wise, managing director of Snelling Business Systems.

Para administrar y controlar de forma centralizada e inteligente todo el equipamiento de este edificio se ha instalado Crestron NVX.

Cada una de las 37 salas de reuniones, con paredes de vidrio da respuesta a los requisitos de interacción informales cara a cara entre grupos pequeños y medianos de entre dos y ocho personas. Esto se facilita gracias a las pantallas de gran formato NEC.

NEC at Abcam

Las salas de colaboración para 8 personas se utilizan para la colaboración interdepartamental, la ‘lluvia de ideas’ y las conferencias. Estas están equipadas con equipos NEC InfinityBoard de 65 pulgadas dotadas de un PC OPS Slot-in.

Para gestionar una llamada de Skype desde el PC con ranura OPS o el propio dispositivo de un usuario, un extensor Crestron USB, conectado en la parte posterior del soporte de la pantalla, permite la conexión con los micrófonos Shure MXA310B de mesa y los altavoces de de techo bidireccionales QSC.

Integrado dentro del sistema de reserva de salas, los participantes invitados a la reunión reciben por correo electrónico una instantánea del contenido de la pantalla NEC InfinityBoard una vez que finaliza la reunión. En el techo se ha instalado una cámara Kaptivo que captura una ‘instantánea’ cuando el usuario selecciona la opción en la pantalla táctil Crestron de 7 pulgadas.

The structure of these rooms is completed with a QSC I/O bridge for camera and audio routing via AVoIP, Crestron AVoIP DigitalMedia NVX encoder/decoder, and 7-inch Crestron room backup display with state lighting.

"InfinityBoard provides us with a solution as computing power increases, eliminates the camera option, and loads the software packages of your choice. Even now, we can continue to reconfigure the system as Abcam's needs change," says Steve Royans, Snelling's Director of Sales.

NEC at Abcam

Conference rooms
The building also has three conference rooms for groups of up to 16 people. These have a separation space separated by a divisible wall. Both have been equipped with an advanced AV infrastructure that includes two 84-inch InfinityBoards and two 55-inch displays that are installed in the adjoining spaces. When selected through the control panel, they display the same content as the large-format content.

Asimismo también disponen de dos altavoces Bose Panaray MA12-EX ,compatibles con tres altavoces QSC, ubicados en área de descanso; una cámara PTZ QSC; un micrófono de matriz Shure MXA910W localizado en el techo y cuatro altavoces de QSC, bridge QSC I/O que permite enrutar el micrófono y las cámaras como dispositivos USB; codificador/decodificador Crestron AVoIP DigitalMedia NVX, Solución Airmedia, pantalla de reserva de sala de 7 pulgadas, panel táctil de 10,1 pulgadas del mismo fabricante.

NEC at Abcam

"The InfinityBoard's advanced InGlass touch pad provides incredible touch accuracy. The scientific material abcworks with makes this level of accuracy vital. InfinityBoard supports a natural, writing-like experience that has been well received," adds Royans.

Orientation stations, installed in different locations of the building, provide high-resolution graphic maps to guide the visitor. These are configured with 48-inch ShadowSense touchscreens with OPS Slot-in PC are deployed in multiple locations around the building and display interactive maps to help staff and visitors navigate the building.

For its part, NEC MultiSync P484 SST with a PC with OPS slot was deployed in designated locations.

NEC at Abcam

Rest of spaces
AV integration has also affected other spaces such as the games room, lab meeting rooms, logistics offices and cafeteria.

In certain areas a 98-inch NEC screen has been installed, while in the cafeteria and games room it has opted for two of 84 inches, display equipment that is used for signaling, TV transmission over IPTV, presentations.

En la zona de ocio hay un futbolín, un billar y una mesa de tenis para que el personal y los visitantes se relajen. También hay dos salas de reuniones de laboratorio, una para cuatro personas, otra para hasta 10, equipadas con pantallas NEC de 65 ”pulgadas que se utilizan para videoconferencia y presentaciones.

La oficina de logística cuenta con pantallas NEC 65 pulgadas, montadas en la pared, que muestra indicadores clave de rendimiento, relevantes para las operaciones logísticas de Abcam dentro del bloque de laboratorio, esto se repite en todo el edificio a través de pantallas 43 pulgadas, que también se utilizan para señalización digital y, transmisión de IPTV.

Un sistema de presentación móvil que se puede llevar a donde sea necesario para maximizar el uso del espacio y para reuniones improvisadas, cuenta con una pantalla NEC UHD de 84″ imontada en un carro.

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