Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, located in Hollywood (Florida – USA) not only stands out for its unique design, but for the shows that are created on its facade using a single RealMotion 4 Karat Gold Series server, to create one of the most digital sculptures exclusive to the world.

More than 2.3 million Led lights transform the facade of the unique hotel and casino at night Seminole Hard Rock hollywood, the only one in the guitar-shaped world, turning it into a spectacular 122-meter-high digital sculpture with a multitude of visual effects, mapping and laser creations.

For this spectacular project, designed, directed, managed and installed by the American specialist Design Communications (Dcl), a single Karat Gold Series 4 server from the Canadian content management and creation specialist is used RealMotion.

As Geoffrey Platt, director of RealMotion, explains, "The front facade of the hotel is both a media system and a dynamic sculpture. It is completely covered with Led products and power systems provided by Saco Energy, and is used as a screen and stage for the musical shows that are held daily."

These guitar-shaped hotel events and shows "are a testament to how music has been instrumental in defining the Hard Rock chain's hotels, in its restaurants and entertainment properties around the world," stresses Platt.

During the hotel's recent opening, the capabilities of its Led facade were displayed in full screen, with dynamic content and reactive sound created by the digital studio also Canadian float4, which provided hours of vibrant images and the great revelation of what the guitar can do, setting this instrument as the icon of static architecture.

The content and visual effects of the show that was shown on the facade during the inauguration toured different decades, musical styles, etc. with audio dynamics, intricate compositions of lines, cascades of light and energy as transitions, as well as a full 3D guitar effect with lasers that extend across the sky to represent guitar strings.

"The 4 Karat server plays a very important role in the technical management of the show," says Platt. We use ISAAC, an integrated automation programming and control platform created by Smart Monkeys, to develop a content ingestion system on our server to manage and synchronize the millions of content items in the show."

After successfully surpassing the show, Platt says that "RealMotion's reliability ensures that the shows of the so-called Guitar Hotel will be developed in the long term. What DCL has achieved is a great feat in the field of digital signage, architecture and entertainment. We couldn't be more proud to have participated in this project."

The facade has five central elements that can be used for specific purposes. The Front and Back are the main sections where dynamic content can be mapped, while the Outline outlines the edges of the guitar shape, so that the content plays with this look by hiding and revealing the contours of the guitar.

The sides enhance the illusion of depth for visual effects, while the strings, which use lasers instead of Led, are used to show vertical movement and effects such as fonts, chords and string dotted. Finally, the spiral-shaped glass section is ideal for expanding the content of the face and body to create the illusion of another level of content.

Jeff Grantz, Director of Creative Technologies at DCL, points out that "for this project we needed a media server for a permanent architecture environment, and that could be integrated into a broader network. RealMotion's Gold Series 4 Karat server has a robust architecture and requires minimal project-based customization; we knew it would be an intuitive tool for our client when he starts to facilitate his own programming."

In this sense, the RealMotion team took special care in building the content system in such a way that Hard Rock professionals could make relatively quick adjustments, which might otherwise take hours of video rendering to Complete.

To achieve this, RealMotion used image sequences instead of video, so any changes would only require replacing or editing images within the sequence, eliminating the need to render a new video file.

Under DCL's direction, Float4 also developed two additional pieces of content. The so-called Sunset Ceremony, que cada noche ofrece imágenes visuales de una puesta del sol escénica y un espíritu guitarrístico con elementos audio-reactivos.

Por su parte, la pieza Smooth es un homenaje al final de la era del rock clásico en su transición a la música contemporánea, basada en la colaboración del Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas y el grupo de rock latino Santana, e incluye obras de arte psicodélicas, la silueta de una bailarina latina, patrones de ‘energía eléctrica y festiva’, así como transiciones creativas como un río de luz y simulaciones de flocking. El contenido ambiental se reproduce cuando no se ha programado ninguno de los espectáculos principales, por lo que siempre hay algo que ver.

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By • 19 Nov, 2019
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