This multicolored white light laser system creates a multitude of projection points or fogs evenly between the points to make it safe to see.

The new EL-300RGB diffraction effects laser Laserworld It is Class 2 and integrates a special optic that makes it easy for the laser power of multicolored white light to be evenly distributed between the points and that it is safe to see, which is especially advantageous for use in small and medium sized rooms.

Laserworld EL-300RGB can be controlled by DMX, although it also works autonomously or with music, and even connect as master and slave with two or more units.

The rotation of colors and effects of this system is controlled both from the digital display and through DMX to select specific colors, such as white, pink and yellow, among others.

The rotation of this multicolored white light laser can be adjusted from slow to fast to suit any application, although a static mode is also possible.

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By • 26 Nov, 2019
• Section: accessories, illumination