Este procesador de vídeo se ha encargado de gestionar las señales de la pantalla principal de este encuentro que la multinacional de gestión de energía ha celebrado en Barcelona.

The symposium Schneider Electric Innovation Summit 2019, which has fourteen editions in cities such as Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore and Atlanta, recently brought together more than 3,000 experts and energy sector leaders from around the world at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB), to share the latest trends, challenges and opportunities to enhance and digitize the economy.

The main auditorium in which this event was held had a large Led screen, 36-6 meters and pixel pitch of 2.6 mm, which offered no less than 13,824-2.304p, that is, more than 31 million pixels.

To move such a pixel volume with the highest quality, Eclipse iluminación y Sonido, audiovisual services company in charge of the event, used the video processor Christie Spyder X80, twenty-four inputs and sixteen outputs, which offered an unprecedented processing power of 80 megapixels, real 4K resolution and 60Hz.

This is explained by Riad El Abed, technical director of Dushow Barcelona: "Until the time of making the event, there was no other equipment in the market able to move that number of inputs and outputs in 4K with a single machine, and without having to link various processors. And all with the highest levels of performance, flexibility and functionality."

This screen was used at the event to show videos, PPT presentations and animations related to the impact of new technologies on energy and automation processes, with the Spyder X80 processor creating multiple PIPs and windows, using five 4K outputs for the display and eleven 4K outputs for the rest of the system.

Another feature of this processor for El Abed is that "it allows you to have multiple pixel spaces formed by a mix of fonts with an infinite number of destinations, from simple displays, to videowalls, to flat panels and projections of all kinds."

The creation of presets is another of the functions highlighted by this expert, "since it provides great programming flexibility, along with the two levels of presets that it has (absolute and relative). Let's not talk about how easy it is to migrate from Spyder X20 to the X80 model".

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By • 27 Nov, 2019
• Section: Study cases, Control, Display, signs distribution, Events