A five-storey building exhibits a sample of 35 minutes with 40 pieces of the work of the Dutch artist. For their realization they have been used 52 Panasonic projectors, VUE audio configuration audiotechnik and a LPG lighting system.


The exposure control solution Medialon Showmaster LE, brand acquired by 7thSense, has been installed by Production Resource Group (Prg) at the heart of the new exhibition Immersive Van Gogh in Toronto (Canada). A sample that occupies five floors and gives life to the paintings of the Dutch master using light, sound and movement.

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit has become the world's first immersive art experience after being adapted to the global pandemic. The exhibition's artistic director, Massimiliano Siccardi, has designed a space for up to forty cars to visit the exhibition at any time, and welcomes visitors who walk around with circles of social estating.

The experience includes a sample of 35 minutes in which you can see forty pieces of the work of dutch artist Van Gogh, Including sunflower, Lilies and Starry Night, through a space of 182.880 square meters and its walls of 8 meters high.

7thSense Medialon Showmaster LE Immersive Van Gogh

To bring these paintings to life they have been installed 52 Projectors Panasonic and an audio setup VUE audiotechnik that conveys an original classical composition by Luca Longbardi. A lighting system LPG complete the project.

Medialon Showmaster LE manages all audiovisual equipment, including the projection system, media servers, lighting and timing of the show.

The design and production of the exhibition has been carried out by Lighthouse Immersive PRG has been responsible for the design and integration of the system. Chris Arsenault of Armour Technical was hired by PRG for the start-up of the show's control and projection systems.

“Medialon's product line is very reliable and can withstand any technical show control requirement. From start to finish, showmaster LE's functionality, with the technical support of the team helped us install the exhibition smoothly”, says Arsenault.

7thSense Medialon Showmaster LE Immersive Van Gogh

For his part Bobby Klimuszko of PRG adds: “One of the best ways to ensure production success was to take advantage of the reliability and working relationship they have put into the equipment when it comes to gear selection. Integrating Showmaster LE into our FOH system was exactly what we needed to capture and execute everything that was needed in this exhibition".

Showmaster LE is an all-in-one show controller equipped with interfaces for show protocols like DMX, midi, Serial and digital I/O, able to control and synchronize light regulators, lighting tables, sound processors, as well as projectors and video servers.

7thSense Medialon Showmaster LE Immersive Van Gogh

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by • 11 Dec, 2020
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