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Optimal Audio, new brand of the Focusrite Group for commercial audio installation, has chosen Audio-Technica as an official distributor of its products in Europe.

The addition of the new brand Optimal Audio to the product catalogue it markets Audio-Technica, current since the 20 April 2021, involves the distribution of its products in some seventeen countries in Europe and North Africa.

Optimal Audio, the seventh mark of the Focusrite Group (more data in Digital AV), has been developed over the past three years with the aim of simplifying the complex world of commercial audio.

Optimal Audio Cuboid Series audio-technica

As Tim Carroll explains, CEO of Focusrite, "Optimal Audio provides an optimized product offering, that works perfectly, able to deliver high-quality sound, easy to install and you can handle anyone, not just engineers".

Dom Harter, now CEO of Martin Audio and Optimal Audio, describes the brand's approach as "offering a comprehensive control solution, amplification and speakers for small and medium-sized commercial installations, focusing on multi-zone support".

At the forefront of this ecosystem, as Harter continues, "are the controllers of four and eight zones, with and without food, who have DSP. currently, there is nothing else at this price on the market that offers this functionality and versatility to allow for quick and easy setup".

Optimal Audio Up Series audio-technica

Compatible with any device, Optimal Audio's WebApp app makes system configuration simple, allowing installers all the access they need to set up equalizers, design presets and structure daily routines.

Once completed, integrators can introduce staff who will handle the installation with a simple and intuitive user interface that allows them to operate the system.

Robert Morgan-Males, CEO of Audio-Technica Europe, states that "we are delighted to be part of such a strategic distribution partnership with Optimal Audio for our emEA direct markets. It's a new brand, exciting and innovative, that shares our values of delivering quality audio for everyone".

Optimal Audio Sub audio-technica

At the same time, this manager stresses that the new brand "perfectly complements our portfolio of distributed brands, covering the entire sound chain, from start to finish: from the microphone, going through the processing, up to the speaker. This distribution agreement allows us to once again strengthen our commitment to providing customers with efficient solutions, effective and optimized".

The full list of countries where Audio-Technica will have optimal Audio sales responsibility is as follows: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Optimal Audio SmartAmp audio-technica

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by • 21 Apr, 2021
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