Tripleplay Encod3R-LH2

The new team of Tripleplay offers ultra-fast 'subframe' coding and latency of 0,25 Ms. An ideal solution for live events.

Tripleplay Encod3R-LH2This IP video encoder (Encod3R-LH2) presented as a streaming solution for events or live applications, where low latency is critical to optimizing the end-user experience when viewing live streaming content.

The new Tripleplay equipment ensures that the delay time between the video input and the output of the IPTV stream is as low as possible, offering subphotogram latency at 1080p60.

When using this IP video encoder in combination with The Tripleplay Play3R-SP1 player, you can achieve high latency between frames up to 100 Ms, an improvement in the 60% compared to this manufacturer's low-latency encoder in its catalog.

In vertical sectors, like sports stadiums, to achieve the experience fans expect, the live TV stream displayed on signal screens far from the field should be fully synchronized with the live action.

All fans, whether they're on the field or in the stadium, want to see, hear and celebrate key moments of the match at the same time, no noticeable delays, so encoder speed is critical.

Low-latency encoders also play a key role in companies, where city council events or critical company information should be transmitted to screens with very low latencies to avoid delays, ensuring that all employees receive the information at the same time.

“The launch of our new low-latency encoder is an important step in our technological innovation and has been shown to deliver impressive results, helping to get an optimal experience for the end user or the amateur”, comments Steve Rickless, CEO of Tripleplay.

As a standalone hardware device, this encoder is fully compatible and integrates with the IPTV solution, Tripleplay video signalling and transmission.


  • Crystal-to-crystal latency 100 Ms, and the 0,25 Ms.
  • Offers two channels each equipped with HDMI and SDI inputs.
  • Allows you to be located near the input source, reducing the need for long wiring to the server room.

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by • 21 Apr, 2021
• section: Signal distribution, Streaming Media