LG at The Beach Company

South Carolina's real estate developer has set up a network of south Carolina screens at its headquarters Lg ensure seamless virtual collaboration and a commitment to digital signage.

The new facilities have a network of screens Lg including a model DVLED of 130 Inch, another 4K LCD 98, an LCD video wall of 3×3, composed of nine 4K screens of 55", several teams of 65 inches for conference rooms and an OLED system of 65 inches of 3,85 mm thick.

When South Carolina's real estate developer The Beach Company decided to move and modernize its headquarters, to a new mixed-use building in downtown Charleston called The Jasper, its technological commitment focused on collaboration and visualization solutions.

This company holds many meetings, partner visits and virtual collaborations, so he hired local experts in technology integration The Office People to design and install a state-of-the-art LG commercial display network that would help ensure seamless virtual collaboration with plug-and-play simplicity, the convenience of bringing your own device (BYOD) and the sights set on the future.

LG at The Beach Company

Designing the future

Even before global corporate culture switched to remote work, as a result of the pandemic, The Beach Company had decided that its headquarters would leverage the latest audiovisual technologies to improve communications, support collaboration and provide a forward-looking environment for visitors and employees.

After working with The Office People to plan the specific technological needs of each room, the option was LG Electronics as it offered the full range of solutions that needed. Among them were a led display with direct vision (DVLED) of 130 Inch, a 4K LCD display of 98 Inch, an LCD video wall of 3×3 composed of nine 4K screens of 55 Inch, several screens of 65 inches for conference rooms and an OLED display of 65 inches 'wallpaper' of just 3,85 mm thick.

According to Jeff Hazelwood, Chief Technology and Information Security Officer, The Beach Company, the finished space is an important cutting-edge proposal for visitors, with a vision that matches the beauty of the city.

"Located one block from the Ashley River and occupying the fifth and sixth floors, the largest digital screen in the office is really so vibrant and bright that it's visible even by the boats passing by. We design our audiovisual experience at The Jasper with several goals in mind. It had to be easy to use, with a familiar user experience from room to room, in addition to being prepared for the future".

This screen is a model of 130 Inch, that as Sean Mummert explains, CEO of The Office People, "is the only technology that can overcome the high brightness of sunlight that this room receives throughout the day, and keep running smoothly for decades”. DVLED displays all-in-one LG Business Solutions have a lifespan of 100.000 hours at full brightness, which equates to more than 11 years running 24 hours of the day.

LG at The Beach Company

Dual-use displays

Although most meeting rooms have a 4K screen of 65 Inch, DVLED 130 inches and the 3-inch video wall×3 present much larger digital canvases. These large format displays have proven to be optimal tools to allow social estating, because both rooms are sometimes used to include more people in the same meeting.

The complete design of the system offers great advantages, because each digital display is connected via an AV over IP solution with a wireless collaboration system of ship that enables network-wide content distribution and automated digital signage features.

The design of the system also allows for an environment 'byOD plug-and-play', so that, regardless of who leads a meeting, branding your personal devices or the collaboration platform used, can be easily and quickly connected in any room without the need for instructions or assistance.

The Chief Technology Officer of The Office People, Joshua Gale, also noted that the space is saturated with digital screens, which provides the company with an excellent messaging platform for internal communications they may have.”There is virtually no space in the new headquarters that lacks a premium digital display, making the digital signage app a crucial tool to maximize network value and share news and updates with employees”.

In addition to the screens, The Office People has also installed new PTZ cameras high-end, Microphones, Speakers, tablets and a room programming and booking system used by the platform 365 Outlook.

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by • 23 Apr, 2021
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