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The range Crestron Flex Phones for Microsoft Teams offers a business conference call solution for hybrid work, liberando otros dispositivos para facilitar la labor al usuario.

Business phones Flex Phones of Crestron are a step forward in doing work in both the office and at home if needed. To do this, this new range of desk phones are certified to Microsoft Teams to help organizations looking for a dedicated collaborative experience for their employees.

These systems provide advanced audio and video conferencing capabilities, one-touch connectivity and enterprise-level security, along with a number of additional features to help users in their work productivity, whether deployed in an office or in a house, on a 'hot desktop' station’ rotating in hybrid workspaces or in a conference room.

Data provided by Microsoft indicate that, in the last year, meeting time has doubled for Teams users and continues to increase. As companies reopen physical office spaces and explore permanent hybrid models, the need to streamline remote collaboration and introduce dedicated devices is growing in importance.

Crestron Flex-PhonesMicrosoft-TeamsSchedule calendars, manage calls or share content across multiple devices, among other tasks, has proven inefficient and unful hit if you don't have the right tools right now.

By identifying these weaknesses of end users, Crestron has turned to its expertise in technology unified communications (Uc) companies to design smartphones, easy to install, use, support and update, even remotely.

“With videoconference consolidating itself as a critical piece of the modern workplace," explains Ranjan Singh, Vp. Crestron's product and technology executive, it's less practical for a laptop or smartphone to have video accommodation, audio and call-related content at the same time, especially if a user wants to use that device to take notes or access files”.

This manager stresses that “by creating Crestron Flex Phones we are returning users their other devices, because they now have a dedicated option to join a Teams call or transfer a meeting to a second device. These systems allow users to seamlessly conferencing from one device and share content from another, an approach taken by many workers in today's hybrid environments.”

Rationalization technology

Crestron Flex Phones' line has the accessibility of One-Touch Teams to deliver quick and easy meeting experiences, which aims to allow users to instantly access any meeting, share notes and collaborate directly from this phone.

By managing all the audio, video and content sharing, Crestron Flex Phones releases other devices, like a laptop or a PC, to be used as productivity tools during a meeting, fostering a more fruitful and less frustrating collaborative experience.

In addition, this reduces the inefficient change in tasks, streamlines user-tailored communication and allows you to segment your schedule and workload more effectively.

Crestron Flex Phones ensure employees never miss a meeting, team feedback or support visuals, while offering clear audio, crisp video and a very intuitive Teams interface.

Key features

  • Video or audio-only options.
  • 1,080p cameras (for the video version).
  • touch screen (options 8 and 10 HD inches).
  • Set of omnidirectional microphones, with 360o audio capture, ensuring that all participants in a meeting are heard, either in the Teams call or on the speaker.
  • Integrated Teams support allows users to connect their device to a PoE cable, log in and start working.
  • The team can be easily expanded with integrated cloud management and monitoring with Crestron XiO Cloud Service.
  • Integrated occupancy sensor that supports near-range range 2 metre, to capture data from meeting space.

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by • 30 Apr, 2021
• section: AV Conferencing, Telepresence / videoconference