Sharp Big Pad 4K PN-HW501T

In sizes of 43 and 50″ and belonging to the Big Pad 4K range of Sharp, these interactive solutions are a central technology platform for work meetings or training in today's hybrid environment.

The new interactive displays Big Pad PN-HWT 4K by Sharp, models PN-HW431 (43″) and PN-HW501T (50″), equip the manufacturer's infrared touch technology for natural writing, are designed to facilitate the exchange of information and the interaction of working or study groups in small spaces.

Both models allow you to write or highlight information quickly and easily, both with the finger and with the pencil included (with a tip of 2 Mm.) and that can be magnetically fastened to the frame of the screen. These panels offer multi-user support, with capacity for up to twenty points of contact.

Sharp Big Pad 4K PN-HW501T

The LCD technology of these equipment, with anti-glare functionality and a depth of colors of 10 Bit, ensures high contrast and on-screen image quality to provide a sharper and more realistic representation of the content displayed. In addition, it is possible to adjust the white balance, brightness and colour temperature to different environments.

With a simple and quick installation, its handling is equally easy and intuitive and requires no technical expertise. Both models have an automatic activation mode, so that when you connect a laptop, the screen automatically activates and detects the signal HDMI.

In addition, the integration of a media player allows you to display images with quality 4K Ultra HD, or play Full HD videos and music, just by inserting a USB and without any extra hardware.

Sharp Big Pad 4K PN-HW431TThe software package also contributes to this ease of use Sharp Touch Viewing which offers a file system and a simple interface for collecting, manipulate and organize a variety of different files on the screen without opening the respective applications.

Both interactive displays can be installed horizontally or vertically to suit all types of environments, from meeting rooms and training classrooms to reception areas and commercial spaces (for application as a digital signage system), in addition to a 45-degree tilt for use on counters, offering more convenient access to users.

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by • 30 Apr, 2021
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