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This new futuristic store incorporates innovative digital elements such as Mirandda digital mirrors Icon Multimedia, that have been installed in the testers.

Icon Multimedia on ThatThat concept store, the new futuristic store located in the Mall of Emirates Dubai, has opened its doors this year. It is an establishment that incorporates innovative digital elements, like smart mirrors Mirandda, that have been installed in the testers.

This solution, developed by Icon Multimedia and made up of the company Blue Rhine Industries, reinforces the one-day strategy of this new store concept, looking to the future to attract buyers to physical spaces, creating 360-degree shopping experiences on your premises, to increase sales.

The solution integrates, in the mirrors of testers, an interactive experience that allows the buyer to access information about available sizes and colors of the garment being tested (identified through RFID technology) and other suggestions to combine with the look.

Icon Multimedia on ThatThis space allows, In addition, ask in-store staff for other items available within the seasonal catalogue, no need to leave the tester area.

These notifications are received by staff via mobile devices, taking care of requests in the shortest possible time and improving in-store service.

Among the attributes that That incorporates in the smart mirrors of Icon Multimedia is the possibility to facilitate the purchase process through a QR code, that the customer will be able to generate and present at the checkout to speed up the payment.

Once the customer's stay within the tester is completed, the mirror launches an informative message, alerting you to their inoperability until disinfection services occur, ensuring health security protocols.

Icon Multimedia on ThatIn addition, through the device, the store can get useful information about customers' interest and buying behavior or the effectiveness of sales staff, being able to strategically optimize business decisions based on this data.

Across two floors, located at Dubai's Mall of the Emirates, which houses more than 150 fashion brands, That's created a new concept of art store, culture and commerce mix. A very concrete lifestyle proposal that revolutionizes the shopping experience, incorporating under one roof, fitness spaces, a yoga studio, beauty or laundry services, healthy food and drink areas and music events with live DJ's to complete the customer experience.

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by • 30 Apr, 2021
• section: Case studies, Digital signage, display