AEQ at Nowy Theatre in Zabrze

In its modernization process, the Nowy Theatre has a new scene direction system, the intercom matrix of Aeq, Crossnet 72.

The intercom system AEQ Crossnet highlights, project that has been carried out in the Nowy Theatre Poland, suitability for complex systems at the service of stage management

The Nowy Theatre is a historic institution founded in 1959, dependent on the municipality of Zabrze (Poland), that develops a great cultural and educational work. Taking advantage of the need for closure by the pandemic, has under been the subject of a deep renovation, within which the technical facilities have been updated. As far as the latter aspect is concerned, the new sound system and the stage direction system stand out, closely related elements that have had AEQ's intercom technology.

After modernization, the main room offers the highest sound quality, thanks to a very compact speaker system that presents the properties of array or linear grouping of sources. The system allows a wide range of control of the sound diffusion area, both on the horizontal and vertical axis.

AEQ at Nowy Theatre in Zabrze

Stage director

AEQ TP8000The theatre's other great technical innovation is an advanced AEQ stage management system. The heart of the system is the intercom matrix Crossnet 72, responsible for the distribution of audio signals between wired user panels TP8116, in rack format, and TP8416, in desktop format, as well as wireless user terminals based on WiFi technology Xplorer.

In addition, interacts with the matrix of the room sound system, and a live audio table, since the audio of the intercom matrix and IP panels has the highest quality for dissemination in the room. They can be used not only for notices to the hearing, but also to introduce, For example, narrations or voices in OFF.

The distribution of audio signals between the Crossnet array, the array and intercom user panels are made using the Dante IP audio protocol.

AEQ CrossnetWireless panels communicate with the system via VoIP. The matrix of Yamaha is responsible in the system of distributing messages from the scene manager's system, Stage action microphones and an rcF automatic message player for automatic stage warnings, backstage and dressing rooms.

Added an audio input/output terminal to the Dante AEQ network Netbox 4 Mh, with micro/line inputs and headphone line outputs.

This terminal allows you to contribute and receive audio from the IP network, to be managed through the intercom matrix or the room sound system matrix. So you can in a job outside the control of the show take out recordings for press, listen to the scenic sound or introduce a voice or music to the system.

AEQ Crossnet 72The system is controlled from the intercom system panels. Pressing the corresponding buttons, the stage manager can communicate with other jobs, activate the bell, turn on the 'Silence' signs, send a manual or automatic message to the lobby or activate the stage action listening system.

The comfort of work is ensured by the screens integrated into the panels and buttons illuminated in various colors. All devices are connected over a LAN network prepared for this purpose.
This dynamic of work in the service of the development of theatrical activity can be programmed thanks to the great flexibility of AEQ intercom systems.

Originally developed with television production in mind, have a great capacity for programming and use at the service of the largest stage productions. Dozens of commands of more than 10 different types to develop the most varied actions.

The entire project, with installation, configuration, implementation and training has been the responsibility of the technical team Tommex, local AEQ distributor, in collaboration with AEQ's core technical services in Madrid, who remotely during the pandemic worked to complete the implementation of the project. The company smt Katowice was responsible for the installation and commissioning of the systems.





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by • 6 May, 2021
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