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The basis of this partnership between Telelogos E Hivestack is to provide media owners with easy access in external digital advertising media and programmatic purchase from start to finish.

Digital marketers, Operators DOOH media owners are the big beneficiaries of the integration of the media platform Telelogos with the DOOH advertising technology Hivestack to offer a programmatic solution, from start to end open, scalable and reliable.

Telelogos Christophe BillaudThis innovative integration is based on an agile and unique communication strategy between the ssp Hivestack and the cms Telelogos, allowing you to manage publisher content locally on the screen in a way that limits requests in real time to only include streaming conditions.

As a direct consequence, transmission is not affected by any latency, bandwidth usage is optimized and operating costs are significantly reduced. Generally speaking, this integration ensures the programmatic process from start to finish, reducing the risk of having a black screen and stopping multimedia content.

"When most sellers are promoting proprietary solutions, and where the DOOH value chain is evolving very rapidly, Hivestack's open strategy is unique in protecting companies and investors willing to implement and monetize outdoor screen networks", explains Chistophe Billaud, CEO of Telelogos.

In addition, the integration of Telelogos and Hivestack platforms makes it easy for media owners to combine advertising with informative content and control their overall advertising strategy in a very flexible way.

"This is a unique securities proposition from two fast-growing companies that share the same values," says Billaud.. It gives media owners and organizations a game-changing opportunity, in addition to the promise of accelerating and ensuring the monetization of your screens".

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by • 10 May, 2021
• section: Digital signage, display, Signal distribution, business, Dynamic advertising