TeamViewer buys Viscopic

After the purchase of Viscopic, by TeanViewer, your suite of 3D augmented reality products will be integrated into the Frontline platform.

TeamViewer announced the acquisition of Viscopic to strengthen its presence in the environment of augmented reality, through pioneering interactive 3D visualization solutions and mixed reality workflow digitization.

Among the customers of this Munich-based company, you'll find companies like Audi, Siemens Energy and Deutsche Bahn. All use Viscopic's innovative technologies for production, maintenance, quality control and training.

Viscopic software runs through smart glasses with mixed reality such as HoloLens of Microsoft, as well as smartphones and tablets to assist workers. Digital information such as 3D indicators or step-by-step instructions can be set as real objects, and real-scale holograms can be placed in production environments.

Viscopic's intuitive 3D processing and authoring product allows you to create mixed reality content, without having to have coding skills, as well as the creation of 3D holograms based on CAD data or the like.

"Over the past year TeamViewer has acquired wearable computing leaders Ubimax (more information on this acquisition in Digital AV) and Upskill, Viscopic's 3D visualization capabilities now allow for additional use cases, such as manufacturing and quality control processes in the automotive sector or heavy industry. In addition, with 3D elements we can deliver improved workflows and mixed reality experiences, especially when complex situations require more visual support”, says Hendrik Witt, Chief Product Officer (BP.) from TeamViewer.

Viscopic's 3D Augmented Reality product suite will be integrated into TeamViewer Frontline, a set of RA-based solutions used to digitize work processes and support key employees on-site.

This solution provides augmented and mixed reality workflows, as well as remote assistance capabilities across the value chain. The main use cases are assembly, inspection, maintenance, remote assistance and order preparation for logistics.

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by • 12 May, 2021
• section: control, production, augmented reality, simulation