Photo Casa Batllo Gaudi

Casa Batlló opens today '10D Experience', a spectacular visit that offers a trip to Gaudí's mind with technology so far unique in the world, like in Gaudí Cube space, a six-sided Led cube designed and manufactured by Alfalite, and Gaudí Dome, an installation created by David Perez and produced and carried out by Cyan Animatic.

The proposal it offers from today '10D Experience’ makes it mandatory to visit Casa Batlló in Barcelona: “Can you imagine being able to see how he looked Gaudí? Can you imagine being able to interpret the shapes and structures of nature as he did? Only his mind was able to compose and create with his genius”.

Photo Casa Batllo Gaudi

And this is the proposal 'Gaudí Cube': a round trip inside the genius, which thanks to advanced and spectacular technology allows visitors to enter Gaudí's mind.

Gaudí Cube space stars a six-sided Led cube, unique so far in the world, that introduces the visitor into the architect's mind by the hand of the Turkish digital artist Refik Anadol with his work 'In Gaudí's mind’.

To create this experience in 360o, the goal of the first phase of the project was to create the world's largest digital library on Gaudí, which led to laborious and precise research.

Photo Casa Batllo Gaudi

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence technology, Casa Batlló has collected millions of data, records, Photos, Videos, Plans, Posted, Drawings, 3D models and original manuscripts by the architect that constitute, to date, the most important digital repository about the artist.

Advanced processors machine learning have managed to decipher building patterns, biomimetic structures and design logic that has been hidden among so much information.

Photo Casa Batllo Gaudi

Designed exclusively

The Spanish company Alfalite, based in Rociana County (huelva), has manufactured the six-sided Led cube, a pioneering engineering work designed for a space 100% Surround, able to change the perception of reality, which has been integrated by engineering Vitelsa.

“It's a magical thing., a product designed exclusively for Casa Batlló that hosts a technology ahead of its time and whose expressive capacity allows to transmit to anyone unique sensations and feelings”, Designates.

Photo Casa Batllo Gaudi

specifically, Gaudí Cube consists of a completely immersive area of six internal faces of Led screens, with 10 meters long, 9,5 meters wide and 2,75 meters high, which has been built with 243m2 of panels Alfalite ModularPix Pro ORIM Cube.

This is a specific development for Casa Batlló, with a pixel pitch of 1,95 Mm, a luminosity of 1.900 Nits, 3.840hz, offering a 175o viewing angle (horizontal and vertical). This spectacular cube, with an average consumption of 30W, HDR and Low Latency, has twenty-four control systems NovaStar MCTRL4K who manage their almost 70 millions of pixels.

Photo Casa Batllo Gaudi

Patented technology

This system is also revolutionary for being implemented with the fourth generation of ORIM technology (optical resin injection module, optical injection into the Leds), Alfalite's development and patent that allows:

  • Greater accuracy between modules: <0,05 Mm.
  • 175o/175o horizontal and vertical viewing angle.
  • Superior protection of antistatic electricity: Esd>10Kv.
  • Better fire resistance parameters.
  • Increased protection against shock and water.
  • Ease of cleaning and less deterioration.
  • Reduced market repair time

To this development, it also adds Alfalite's design and manufacture of the automatic door mechanism of Led panels, integrated into one of the walls.

Photo Casa Batllo Gaudi

As they explain from the company, “automatic doors have such mechanical precision being closed, that does not allow to differentiate the location of the door in its integration with the wall, leaving GAP's Led panels completely free”.

In addition, Alfalite has also developed a double antistatic system to protect the led whole, both for unloading through the chassis of the floor panels, environmentally using a high-speed sensing ionizer system and a walkable Led screen floor protection system.

Photo Casa Batllo Gaudi

Gaudí Dome

For the creation and implementation of '10D Experience’, Gary Gautier, CEO of Casa Batlló, and their team have expanded in 2.000 m2 visiting this icon of the city of Barcelona and Unesco Heritage Site.

Another of the new spaces is ‘Gaudí Dome’, an immersive show designed by David Perez, whose audiovisual productions are carried out by the filmmaker Miguel Alonso, and the company Cyan Animatic, of which he is CEO.

Photo Casa Batllo Gaudi

Located in the old coal pits of the building, 'The inspiration of genius’ created by Miguel Alonso offers a spectacle of expressions and audiovisual sensations. “It's a sensory expedition, a journey to the birth of genius and his first encounter with Nature. A vibrant spectacle that makes the visitor participate in the creative experience”.

That's why, Gaudí Dome is a video game facility with a rotating platform from which visitors can see in a dome-dome, more than a thousand screens with volumetric digital projections (created with 38 manufacturer's projectors Panasonic), complemented by twenty-one channels of binaural audio that recreate the sounds of nature and sensory.

All this achieves an immersive environment in the visitor to reach the universe and imagination of genius in its entire dimension with a unique cultural proposal.

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