photo Wouter T Verkuijl Yamaha Baia Domizia

Located in southern Italy, the campsite Baia Domizia is a benchmark in its sector that continues to bet on the technology and audio systems of Yamaha, as has happened with the recent renovation in six areas of the site.

With multiple awards and occupying the first rankings in the main European associations of tourism and leisure, like french Michelin, Germany's ADAC and Dutch's ANWB, the Camping Village Baia Domizia Italy has been very successful since it was founded in 1965.

This leisure complex, entertainment and four-star cuisine is located on the Italian West Coast, to 50 km. North of Naples, on a Roman road of 2000 years old called Via Domitiana.

photo Wouter T Verkuijl Yamaha Baia Domizia

The site was acquired by the current owners, Pietre Bianche, in 1970, with the mission of offering the best facilities to your guests and making sure you always have the best ratings.

Choosing audio equipment Yamaha is a key part of this focus on quality, company they've relied on since the year 2017, through the local integrator Remix Sound.

“They needed a new public address system for outdoor theatre Pagode make it compact, versatile and powerful," explains Riccardo De Simone, Remix Sound-. After this first successful installation, the relationship between Baia Domizia and Yamaha became one of total trust and mutual vision. since, many meetings have been held to develop ideas that contribute to the future evolution of the complex”.

Yamaha's latest facility on the site has recently been completed in six areas: the main office and reception area, the new theater, the restaurant The Nymphia, the bar Tricky, the terrace and beach activities.

photo Wouter T Verkuijl Yamaha Baia DomiziaThe office system controls several sections, more than a kilometre, with outdoor line speakers 100 V that the animators of the campsite use to greet guests and inform them of the day's activities, while baia Domizia's theme sounds in the background.

It also provides background music in the office and reception area, for which the matrix processor has been installed MTX5-D; power amplifiers XMV4140 and XMV8280; four compact indoor speakers VS6 and two outdoors NS-AW392, that withstand any weather change, with a wireless transmission amplifier MusicCast WXC-50.

Control is done through a surface mount panel DCP4V4S and control software Yamaha Wireless DCP on an Android tablet.

The new theatre, that replaces the campsite's old cinema, is covered by three gazebos (10×10 metre), so the audio system had to respond to a semi-open and powerful environment for small live events or for the physical training of camp staff.

photo Wouter T Verkuijl Yamaha Baia DomiziaSix surface-mount speakers have been installed in this area VXS8, completed with two subwoofers VXS10S, all of them powered by four amplifiers PX3. The system is adjusted to cover all seats to a few 100 dB medium sound pressure and includes a matrix processor MTX3 and another WXC-50.

Again, one DCP4V4S makes system control very easy for staff to handle, and even by guests outside of organized hours of activity.

Other gazebos cover the restaurant The Nymphia, in this case ten units of 49 m2, with an extension of 56 m2. The system had to deliver high-quality, seamless sound throughout the dining area, but as quiet as possible out of it.

The solution has been the deployment of twenty-four surface mount speakers VXS5, with two different power outlets, powered by two amplifiers PA2120 automatic activation and other WXC-50 as a preamp and music player.

At the bar Tricky and its outdoor terrace has been installed four VXS8, powered by two amplifiers PX3 and with another WXC-50. last, for activities on the beach and in the pool, a two-way speaker DBR12 has been the ideal solution for situations where a high-powered portable system is required.

As Antonio Vallario explains, CEO of Baia Domizia, “I am passionate about music and constantly explore new technologies and possibilities to improve our customers' experience, who come from all over Europe and need a relaxed atmosphere, with high quality audio and equipment that also stand the test of time when used outdoors. The high quality materials used in Yamaha products are very important to achieve this”.

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by • 17 May, 2021
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