ClearOne Convergence AV Cloud

Convergence AV Cloud software ClearOne enables powerful management as a service for recurring revenue opportunities for audiovisual professionals.

To add performance capabilities to your solution Convergence AV Network Manager, the multinational ClearOne announced the immediate availability of Convergence AV Cloud, significantly expands the recurring revenue opportunities of AV professionals for remote and real-time management as a service (Maas).

It is a unified AV network management platform for monitoring, control and audit ClearOne Pro audio and video products and services. Access is done remotely and in real time and provides control panel views at a glance, with all devices and unlimited scalability, designed to support organizations of any size.

clearone convergence av cloud

With the new cloud option, AV professionals can benefit from value-added MaaS opportunities to easily support multiple customers and multiple networks, with real-time system access remotely, and securely on a single multi-lease platform.

The powerful user interface, available in twelve languages, works on any browser and allows you to fully support the AV network, with built-in video tools, audio and chat for real-time communications, as well as email and SMS text alerts. Relevant information is quickly found with search options, sorting and filtering.

Convergence AV Cloud can be split virtually for AV system management by location, as a building, plant, room or any global topology you want. Professionals can easily manage accounts, assigning three levels of access, with Owner roles, Administrator and Monitor; all hosted on secure and encrypted cloud servers.

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by • 17 May, 2021
• section: control, display, networks