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Located in Rotterdam's maritime district, this demonstration center Igloo Vision, the first of the English company in continental Europe, includes an immersive large cylinder for companies and universities around the world to conduct their tests.

The immersive technology company Igloo Vision, based in the United Kingdom, has recently opened a demonstration centre in Rotterdam (Netherlands), created collaboration with the flexible space design company HNK and the virtual reality specialist UC360, both Dutch.

This space is available for companies and universities that want to learn the possibilities offered by shared immersive technology to visualize data and designs, collaborate in more productive meeting spaces, use simulation tools for teaching and training, create experiences in entertainment environments, Etc.

Igloo vision uc360 HNKTo do this, this demo center has Igloo Vision's next-generation shared immersive cylinder, similar to that installed by some of their customers, how Accenture, BP and Microsoft, as well as more than forty universities around the world, or with immersive audio projects with Sennheiser and Neumann (more data in Digital AV).

This space, that the company also plans to open up to content creators and software vendors who want to try interactive 360-degree or virtual reality programs, designed with strict safety and health guidelines anti-COVID-19.

As Colin Yellowley explains, Director of R&D at Igloo Vision, “a year ago we chose Amsterdam to present our new immersive workspace and the response was tremendous. We have now moved on with this ongoing support centre in the Netherlands that will allow us to better support our existing European customers, reach new ones and further accelerate that growth".

Sennheiser Neumann and Igloo Vision cooperate in VRAt the head of this demonstration center is Henrik Hellman, founder of Dutch virtual reality firm UC360, who has already worked with Igloo Vision as a content partner.

"Igloo's immersive technology is adopted around the world and continues to grow," Hellman says.. Rotterdam is perfectly positioned; it's a gateway to Europe, and our center is next to the largest medical school in the Netherlands. We are excited to build new connections and showcase our technology to organizations to help them improve their existing workflows and communications.”.

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by • 19 May, 2021
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