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Driven by culm, the digital platform ISE Live & online it is already active so that those who have registered can begin to explore its contents and plan its agenda.

The next 1 June, ISE Live & online, will start its journey and for two days will offer a complete program of contents. But those who have already registered can enter this live ISE Digital platform, which is based on Cisco technology, and start organizing your agenda.

Mike Blackman, executive director of Integrated Systems Events, explains the availability of this platform and the possibility of "start exploring now, live!, the Digital ISE platform powered by Cisco. It is the first time that an initiative of a hybrid nature and the richness and scope of ISE Digital takes a leap of this magnitude, and does so to celebrate our physical presence in the new home in Fira de Barcelona. ISE Digital is a broad and complex platform. That's why I encourage you to register now, to navigate it and start planning your own agenda for the day 1 June, in which the content will be broadcast live".

This initiative has been possible thanks to the collaboration of KNX (Presenting Show Partner of the contest) and official sponsors Bosch, Lang, Panasonic, Shure and He agreed. As commented from the organization ISE Digital allows to guide the roadmap of the visitor towards the future with lectures, round tables and market analysis from the Main Stage (main scenario).

It also allows you to explore partner hubs, the product innovation channel, the one dedicated exclusively to Shure and the six technology channels sponsored by KNX, Lenovo, MA Lighting, Sennheiser and Vivitek.

Offers the ability to participate in live chats and surveys that will be available in all live streaming sessions. It also has a channel in Spanish for those who have not been able to travel to Barcelona, and with a Student Zone, a joint initiative of Avixa, Cedia, and ISE that offers information to students who aspire to develop their professional career in this industry.

Easy navigation, the platform shows the main stage program (highlighted in blue), The Technology Channels (in yellow) and the Product Innovation Channel (in green), as well as partner hubs, both Avixa and Cedia and the sponsors and partners of the contest.

ISE Live Online

Main Stage: a roadmap to success

This section offers a program of face-to-face and digital content, fruit of the collaboration of TNW, Avixa, Cedia and exhibitors and partners of ISE, in order to provide professionals with the necessary tools to successfully emerge from the pandemic. The program combines live events from Barcelona with the agenda of ISE Digital.

During the first day, and under the title 'Up to the challenge: discovering opportunities in the crisis', explore the role of professional VA in recovering from the COVID crisis and where to look for new opportunities.

The day 2, and with an eye to the future, key issues related to commercial and professional success will be addressed, including sustainability and brand objectives.

As far as the Master Conferences are concerned,, the first day will be taught by Ventura Barba, CEO of the Festival Sónar, which will talk about technological trends to take into account, and why, as well as the phenomena that have been accelerated by the pandemic while others were put on the back burner..

The one held on the second day will star Tom Raftery, global vice president of sap, preacher of futurism and innovation. He will talk about how sustainability is an absolute priority of the global agenda, an issue around which contemporary society is increasingly motivated. Ignoring it would result in being left behind. The session will provide advice on the best ways to sustainable business.

In the field of round tables, three will be the meetings, one the 1 of June and two the next day. Under the name 'Marketing tactics in an online world' the first will be held. Rebecca Roth, social media specialist and image creation coordinator of the Goddard Space Flight Center fish trap, and Genia Shipova, marketing director of Daily Motion, talk about digital marketing tactics.

The day 2 in June will take place one under the slogan: 'What is your purpose?'. Alice K. Steenland, general manager of sustainability of Dassault Systèmes, will be accompanied by other experts with whom she will exchange views on the positioning of brands or services in the post-pandemic scenario.
The second round table of this day will take place under the title 'Planning the workspace', discussing how companies invest in network infrastructure and secure hybrid technologies in the workplace, to ensure reliable operations.

ISE Live & online

Technology Channels

Live via streaming or on demand, the content of ise digital's technological channels is articulated in six thematic lines. Each offers an overview of the market by an expert in the field, with input from leading solution providers.

These will be the topics to be addressed:

    • Smart building: sponsored by KNX.
    • Live and audio events: sponsored by MA Lighting.
    • Evolution of the workspace: sponsored by Lenovo.
    • Digital learning: sponsored by Sennheiser.
    • Digital signage: sponsored by Vivitek.
    • The XR in today's reality.

Product Innovation Channel

The Product Innovation Channel offers, together with Partner Hubs, abundant information and videos on the latest industry solutions. It is here where you can interact with key brands in the sector and learn about the latest developments.

Among the participating companies are Aopen, Artome, culm, Daktronics, Datapath, tour, Jabra, Logitech, MA Lighting, Netgear, Newline Interactive and NewTek.

last, the visual creator Alba G. corral, combining art, technology and music, present your graphic images in real time, that will be broadcast live by streaming from the Main Stage in Barcelona. It will be the 1 from June to 16:55 hours.

The official presentation will be on Tuesday at 12:30 hours. Registration can be done on this link.

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