Sennheiser ISE2021 Barcelona

Through an online event at the start of the contest Ise Barcelona, Sennheiser today presented its latest solution in wireless microphone Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D).

Sennheiser ISE2021This system, defined as simple and intelligent, it is based on the technology of the wireless systems 6000 and 9000 from the manufacturer and provide up to ninety wireless audio channels with ultra-low latency, así como un sonido digital decalidad profesional”.

The new transmitter inputs offer a dynamic range of 134 Db, what it implies, according to manufacturer's data, that it is not necessary to adjust the input sensitivity.

Sennheiser EW-D offers a digital audio of 24 Bit, processing to reduce losses and deliver clean, interference-free transmission at maximum range of 8,3 metre. The system operates on a wide bandwidth UHF 56 mhz, allowing you to offer a clean channel between 2.250 available frequencies.

Sennheiser EW-D ISE2021

Different versions

Evolution Wireless Digital is available in several models. the handheld versions they have a system of interchangeable microphone capsules and can be purchased with a dynamic cardioid capsule 835, or without capsule, allowing users to choose from several Sennheiser and Neumann.

On the other hand, the bodypack version can be purchased without a microphone or with an omnidirectional lapel ME 2-II, one of cardioid flap me 4, a headband microphone me 3 or an instrument cable Ci 1 for guitarists and bassists.

Combination sets with a body transmitter and a handheld transmitter are also available. There are three ranges of UHF frequencies to choose from: the Q 1-6 covers of 470,2 to 526 mhz; the R 1-6 of 520 to 576, and the R 4-9 covers of 552 to 607,8.

Sennheiser EW-D ISE2021

Control with Smart Assist App

one of the keys to this system is that it can be controlled through the application Smart Assist App, which is responsible for guiding the user in each step of the product configuration.

In this way, you can name the channels to facilitate the organization of the different signals and have direct access to all system settings.

The app also includes tutorial videos, presented by Benny Franke, to simplify installation, since this system is aimed at the professional field, but also for the semi-professional environment.

Bluetooth connection

Sennheiser EW-D ISE2021 AppAmong the main connectivity features of EW-D is Bluetooth low energy technology. This solution allows automatic frequency scanning, the naming of channels, muting and other controls on up to sixteen microphone channels, that can be handled remotely on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, with additional channels controlled on the receiver.

This connection also allows users to pair the transmitter and receiver at a distance of up to 3 metre.

Sennheiser ISE2021

The system, designed for use in event spaces, corporate facilities, educational institutions, worship centers and concert halls, has a OLED display at your receiver to optimize signal management.

Both handheld and body transmitters operate up to eight hours with AA batteries, while separately available rechargeable battery packs provide up to twelve hours of operation. A dual charging station is also available for the batteries.

Other highlights of EW-D are its latency 1,9 Ms, the ability to lock the mute buttons of the transmitters remotely, a two-level output gain control on the receiver and a rackmount kit (included with the system).

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