Maverick Solutions Leader Smart MeetingThe event, to be held on Tuesday of the 15 June, has been organized by Maverick AV, Microsoft, ship and Logitech. The goal is to present the collaborative ecosystem of the most used UC platform: Microsoft Teams.

Maverick AV Solutions, together with Microsoft, Boat and Logitech, have organized for Tuesday 15 June, an event in dashboard format around the Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

Daniel Bartholomew, BDM Smart Meeting Maverick AV Solutions, confirms the bet of the AV division of Tech Data for "providing the channel with events of interest that address business-relevant topics".

At the event, to be held under the title Solutions Leader Smart Meeting, Microsoft Teams will introduce the most used UC platform, its functionalities and ecosystem; while Barco ClickShare will talk about collaboration and video collaboration solutions that are integrated into mtr and byod environments, and encouraging employee participation. last, Logitech will show its professional native collaboration video solutions in Microsoft Teams, its versatility and homogeneity in all collaborative spaces.

"Microsoft Teams is at the heart of Microsoft's collaborative strategy. Our goal has always been to provide the best professional user experience thanks to our software and hardware solutions such as Surface and Surface Hub", explains Cristina Martin Romano, Surface Partner Development Manager Microsoft. “También trabajamos codo a codo con terceros para garantizar la máxima interoperabilidad y la entrega de soluciones completas que ayudan los equipos a colaborar de manera más eficiente”.

Microsoft Teams

David Lopez, Channel Manager de Barco ClickShare explica cómo su compañía se centra en crear entornos colaborativos donde el usuario está en el centro. “La experiencia de uso simplificada y las funcionalidades siempre actualizadas con las necesidades reales son nuestra prioridad”.

“Logitech VC ofrece soluciones profesionales de vídeo colaboración que permiten a los equipos deslocalizados de las empresas colaborar sin importar su ubicación. En los últimos meses hemos sido el puente que ha permitido a los equipos seguir trabajando conjuntamente de manera cómoda y productiva”, Says.

For its part, Maria Gras, Head of Enterprise, Logitech VC, pone de relieve como sus soluciones de vídeo colaboración personal para espacios de Smart Working y salas de reuniones hacen que la experiencia Microsoft Teams sea más transparente. "Collaboration is the key and users do not have to deal with complex solutions that would end up limiting the use of the latest technological innovations".

To attend the event organized by Maverick AV Solutions, Microsoft, Boat and Logitech, and that will begin at ten in the morning, you have to register in this link.

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by • 11 Jun, 2021
• section: AV Conferencing, control, formation, Telepresence / videoconference