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QNED's new technology Lg combines the best contrast of the MiniLed with the Quantum NanoCell color, disponible en televisores 8K y 4K, to which the manufacturer adds the largest catalog of OLED equipment to date.

The Korean multinational Lg has presented in a meeting with the media its latest innovation in televisions with the range QNED MiniLed, composed of models QNED91P in 4K resolution, along with QNED99P and QNED96P in 8K resolution, in sizes since 65″ to 86″, already available in the Spanish market.

LG Qned miniled

In this meeting, which has taken place at the University School of Design, Innovation and Technology (ESNE), these TVs, along with the range OLED Evo, OLED and NanoCell have been used to show the works of some of his students to highlight the most powerful blacks, the color and the definition of contents.

As Luis Navarrete has explained, product specialist home entertainment in the Spanish subsidiary, “the new QNED MiniLed represent a huge leap in backlighting regarding the NanoCell range (that you use 600 LED) and with this technology they use since 6.000 LED on smaller-inch models, until 30.000 LED in the team of 86″.

The advantage of this is a significant improvement in image contrast, “as the backlight is now controlled much more precisely by smaller areas of the screen”.


In addition, the new LG QNED MiniLed incorporates quantum nanocell color technology, that behave like Quantum Dots, so that they can absorb a certain frequency of light and transform it into another to achieve a white backlight formed by reds, greens and blues (rgb) very pure.

As a result,, these TVs have a better colorimetry that allows you to reproduce more of the 98% of the DCI P3 color space with greater stability and fidelity, along with a wider color range with an intelligent processor Alpha9 Gen4 (in 8K models) and Alpha7 Gen4 (in those of 4K resolution).

To all these image features is added its artificial intelligence system ThinQ AI, Supports Air Play 2, for full tv control that makes Smart TV the center of the connected home. With the platform webOS 6.0 premium integrated into these models, users access all content and recommendations faster.

These TVs are also compatible with HDR Dolby Vision IQ, Hdr 10 pro and HLG Pro, and sound Dolby Atmos and include the new command Magic Control MR21 NFC to associate other devices per contact.

LG Oled Evo

OLED evo and new models

New larger OLED models, from 48″ up to 88″, and high image quality 8K define the largest catalog of LG TVs so far,

The series G1 has exclusive panels OLED evo manufacturer's, the next step in the evolution of this technology to offer greater luminosity, clarity, detail and realism thanks to its intelligent 4K α9 Gen resolution processor 4 evo.

Next to the model Z1, these TVs support DOLBY Vision IQ HDR, Hdr 10 Pro and HLG Pro and take advantage of Director Mode (Filmmaker Mode) to amplify image processing. To which is added a team for the enjoyment of gamers with the model of 48″ C1.

LG NanoCell

NanoCell Technology

Another of LG's proposals is technology NanoCell, that thanks to its intelligent backlight system with Full Array, with 8,3 millions of pixels, colors are more accurate and intense, preserving contrast and minimizing light leakage in large format.

The 65 NanoCell model″ incorporates the Smart TV webOs platform 6.0 premium, with Artificial Intelligence ThinQ AI and intelligent resolution processor 8K α9 Gen 4 to display any type of fully optimized content.

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by • 17 Jun, 2021
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