Digital Projection at Hengdian World Studios

The integrator project:syntropy has used 16 Projectors Digital Projection Highlite Laser II and software AV Stumpfl Pixera to take the visitor to a new dimension within the attraction 'Flying Theatre'.

Early years 90, the Hengdian Group acquired a large area of agricultural land in the center of Zhejiang (China). The goal was to build a large film studio and, subsequently, add attractions to turn it into a theme park that recreated thousands of years of Chinese history and culture. Today, Hengdian World Studios is known as the world's largest film studio, with more than 370 Hectares, and has received more than 150 millions of visitors from 2011.

With more than 1.200 films and television shows shot on its premises, including the live-action remake of Mulan in 2020, the studio has continued to share Chinese culture with the world. Film crews can rent the available scenes for free, thanks to the attractions of the theme park that provide the constant flow of tourism that fills the enclosure every year.

Digital Projection at Hengdian World Studios

Hengdian World Studios is always looking to keep innovating and expanding for the 20 millions of tourists who visit it every year. On your last bet, visitors immerse themselves in the so-called 'Flying Theatre' (Flying Theatre'), installed inside the decoration of the Qin Palace.

The German integrator, project: syntropy, worked on the concept and design of the system for the theatre, including delivery, local installation and maintenance. Leveraging his experience of more than a decade in the world of flight training and simulation, developed a new generation of flight experiences.

El teatro es una mezcla entre una atracción de parque temático y un cine”, explains Christoph Bode, project technology manager: syntropy. “Los usuarios están suspendidos en los asientos de la atracción frente a una pantalla abovedada de 25 metre. These stagger and move as if users were in the movie, creando una experiencia totalmente inmersiva”.

Digital Projection at Hengdian World Studios

The projection equipment for this place was a vital component for the theater. The projection had to be impeccable, with visitors directly in front at all times. Project: syntropy chose 16 Projectors Highlite Laser II of Digital Projection for attraction.

Necesitábamos un proyector que pudiera ofrecer un resultado visual de vanguardia sin necesidad de mantenimiento frecuente. El Highlite Laser cumplía todos nuestros requisitos”, explains Bode.

with 13.000 Lumens, this projector offers a visual performance full of sharp and striking colors with a dynamic contrast of 10.000:1. With your solid state lighting system, the projector does not require the replacement of the lamp in its more than 20.000 hours of lighting life, further reducing total cost of ownership.

El resultado visual es magnífico, with an impressive uniformity for the reproduction of the master of the complete 4K screen. Los valores de brillo eran vitales para el tamaño del domo y el Highlite los cumplió con facilidad”, adds Bode. “También necesitábamos una empresa que estuviera cerca, that would allow technicians to be on site within one day, y Digital Projection China podía proporcionarlo”.

Digital Projection at Hengdian World Studios

Lars Steffens, project projection expert:syntropy, explains how projectors and calibration cameras were installed around the dome screen opening, which guarantees a total coverage of the visuals.

The visuals of the dome are supported by a sophisticated surround sound system of more than 20 channels behind the screen, ensuring that users are immersed in a totally different world.

Calibramos los proyectores con el sistema basado en cámaras de, which performs it in less than 20 minutes for the 16 Projectors, lo cual es importante para la naturaleza de la atracción”, says engineer Juliane Neumann, which performed the initial calibration of the system and established the automated procedures.

Projectors can be controlled and calibrated thanks to media control interface software Pixera of AV Stumpfl. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, allows any park employee to manage the system without having to have much experience in projection or calibration.

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