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The Israeli company Kramer has acquired the 50% remaining shares of the wireless collaboration software company Wow Vision, based in Singapore.

As you pointed out Gilad Yron, CEO of Kramer, “we are excited that Wow Vision and its talented team of software engineers have joined us. This acquisition will strengthen our R&D capacity and growth, especially in the strategic areas of networked software-based solutions, collaboration, CU and cloud technologies”.

Wow Vision KramerAfter acquiring the 50% remaining shares of Wow Vision, wireless collaboration software developer, Kramer goes one step further in this business area “demonstrating our continued commitment to investing in innovative technologies that provide customers and partners with better and smarter automated solutions to collaborate, sharing and communicating in hybrid work and learning environments", adds Yron.

In this line, Yuval Cohen, managing partner of the also Israeli Fortissimo Capital and Chairman of Kramer's Board of Directors, stresses that “our growth is driven by innovation and ability to develop the best solutions on the market. We continue to invest in technologies that will further drive our leadership in providing solutions in this environment.”.

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by • 1 jul, 2021
• section: business, networks