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David Lopez, Channel Manager ship Spain and Portugal, explains in this interview how the work model has changed, with a clear trend towards collaboration, y cuál es la respuesta que da la compañía ante este nuevo escenario.

David Lopez de BarcoThe health crisis that has been experienced these months has marked a before and after in the way of working, giving way to a hybrid model, that combines the face-to-face and the virtual. A situation that has given a strong impetus to collaboration.

What are the biggest challenges facing companies to adopt this new reality??

In response to our study on the future of meetings, made worldwide, in companies of all sizes and in all age ranges, employees are saying they want to go back to a different workspace, with more prevention measures, operating rules that favour safety, and, Of course, more collaborative tools.

How can technology help to respond to these requirements and achieve greater productivity and collaboration in organizations?

Employees are demanding that their companies' number one investment in technology be in videoconferencing equipment in meeting rooms, and, At the same time, that your laptop remains the window to the world, with the tools and platforms they have used from home, and with which they feel comfortable.

At first the BYOD concept appeared and later byom arrived and both are very attached to the meeting rooms, training and presentation. What is the difference between the two?? What is its functionality?

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) refers to two use cases. Or the room is used only for face-to-face meetings, and the employee can present their data from their own device, or, the videoconferencing of the room is linked to a specific platform (Teams, zoom, but also Webex), and the user shares their content on video, also from your own device.

BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) is a more open and flexible concept. The user starts the videoconference from their laptop, from the platform of his choice, and benefits from the audiovisual equipment of the meeting room, allowing you to optimize audio and video quality.

ClickShare Present Boat

What is Barco's commitment to help companies adapt to this hybrid work model safely and effectively?

We work with two product lines that respond to the two previous situations, but they always have a common basis, and it is the one hundred percent business orientation of the same.

Thanks to our ISO certification 27001 all our products are designed with customer safety in mind. We allow a centralized management that also provides valuable information about the use of the same, we offer a five-year warranty from day one and have achieved energy rating A on all of them, seeking respect for the environment, an issue that is of increasing concern to companies.

Boat ClickShare has just presented its largest renewal of solutions in recent years in the presentation range. How do the new C-5 and C-10 respond to the needs of end-users in the field of content sharing??

ClickShare has been on the market since 2013, and in this new range, we have responded to the needs that customers have raised with us: BYOD support on all models (Miracast, Airplay, GoogleCast), 4K video resolution, automatic meeting room detection, to make it easier to start filing, handling interactive displays wirelessly, network integration and, Of course, full support for videoconferencing systems that the customer may already have installed in the meeting room.

CX is the top range within the ClickShare portfolio, What advantages does it offer over ClickShare Present?

The BYOM concept seeks user flexibility, that you can start the meeting from your laptop, but using all the audiovisual equipment of the meeting room (screen, audio and video camera) for a better experience. Our ClickShare Conference range, or CX, Offers, in addition to all the advantages of the Present range, the BYOM experience, wirelessly.

The user only has to connect our already iconic button to start using all this audiovisual equipment that I mentioned, without worrying about anything else.

How a wholesaler like Maverick AV Solutions can help Barco in the democratization of collaboration?

When five years ago it was decided to expand our distribution channel in Spain with Maverick, the aim was to increase our presence on the IT Channel, where we were less well known.

We can say that the bet was a success, thanks to the capillarity of being integrated into Tech Data, but at the same time, for Maverick's clear commitment to collaboration in the business world. and, last, but no less important, for having a motivated team and a clear vision of the client's needs, that has allowed us to achieve the objectives set year after year.

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