Genelec Novapolis kuopio G Innovation Lab

The specialist in professional speakers Genelec has established the first branch of its G Innovation Lab in Kuopio (Finland) with the aim of attracting talent and fostering entrepreneurship in the area.

The Finnish multinational Genelec will carry out next August the so-called Discovery event pitch challenge, with which it intends to recruit a team of people with an entrepreneurial mindset – startup – to further develop its innovative vision in the audio industry in G Innovation Lab.

“since 1978, Genelec has combined a deep knowledge of its customers with a team of professionals from r&d recognized worldwide, which has led to a series of technical milestones that have established the performance of its speakers as benchmarks around the world”, point from the company.

The major changes that have occurred in the way audio content is produced and distributed, in addition to developments in machine learning, artificial intelligence and service-based business models, “mean that innovative and creative ways of thinking will be essential in the future”, Underline.

The new G Innovation Lab, which will open its doors next August in the KPY Novapolis Microkatu, “will welcome people with talent and complementary skills, but with a deep shared interest in the audio industry, that will begin work this fall”.

The location of the laboratory is also designed to further facilitate cooperation with universities and educational institutions in the region, an initiative that Genelec has long valued and encouraged.

To launch the G Innovation Lab recruitment process, the next few days 23 and 24 in August will take place on Discovery event pitch challenge aforementioned, a hybrid live and online event organized in collaboration with Pondi, Finnish company specializing in attracting talent.

During this meeting, job seekers and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of Genelec professionals. “This creates a perfect opportunity for candidates to learn more about the company and show the panel how they and their ideas can help make our business and the professional audio industry in general stronger.”.

for Siamäk Naghian, Ceo of Genelec, “the ongoing transformation in our society, technology, industries and audio community is deep and extremely exciting. Our own success as a company has always been driven by individuals determined to push the boundaries of their imagination.. That's why, G Innovation Lab is an essential vehicle to unlock the hidden creative potential that exists in our local community and attract new talent to the region”.

Registrations for the Discovery event pitch challenge are already open, with more information about this meeting through this link.

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by • 6 jul, 2021
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