Outernet London with Qvest Media

The initiative Outernet london will feature the public atrium Now Building, which will include a huge 360º and 16K digital canvas of 4 tall plants; as well as an underground auditorium for up to 2.000 Visitors, live studios and an event center equipped with augmented and virtual reality.

Outernet, a global network of immersive cultural districts and media designed to deliver entertainment experiences, brand activation and retailing, will be launched in London this autumn.

It will feature the Now Building public atrium, which will contain a huge digital canvas. This is a screen surface of 360 degrees and 16K of 4 tall plants, considered the most advanced on the planet. Outernet Global commissioned Qvest Media, as the primary system integrator, the technical design of the large-scale media backbone for all event venues, as well as its delivery, supplier management and integration.

In the West End of London, next to the new station Tottenham Court Road Crossrail, the first Outernet event space is being built. This will be followed by others that will be located in places of great affluence of New York, Los Angeles, Asia and Europe.

With its event spaces, Outernet London will offer a multifaceted symbiosis of Dooh experience, entertainment, purchases and offices, as well as shops, hotels and restaurants. One of the points of attraction of this project will be an immersive Led space with 16K resolution that extends along the length of 7.010 meters and is considered the largest of its kind to date. Other highlights include an underground auditorium for up to 2.000 Visitors, live studios and an event center equipped with augmented and virtual reality.


“This part of the city has always been the centre of London's culture and creativity.. With Outernet, we continue this tradition and use the digital possibilities of the xxi century to create a completely new event experience for brand showcases, global product launches and live concerts”, states Philip O’Ferrall, President and CEO of Outernet Global.

As a primary systems integrator, Qvest Media is responsible for the entire design and implementation of Outernet's operations and data center, as well as its technological network.

The operations and data center is the place where the threads of the different headquarters of the 76.200 square meters. The commission includes the design, construction, integration and management of technical infrastructure, as well as the coordination of the installation, the testing and implementation of the different project flows.

The main component of the operations center is a production facility with content scheduling, automation control and real-time playback, Led monitoring screens along with immersive audio processing L-Isa L-Acoustics.


Qvest Media also integrates a multifunctional data center (CAR). “We carry out an intense selection process for the technical integration of this project. Qvest Media's understanding of our vision, the methodical approach and knowledge transfer during the process meant they were the natural choice to perform this installation.”, explains Mike Whittaker, CTO de Outernet Global.

The collaboration between Outernet and Qvest Media is being executed in three successive phases. In the one and the two, high-level and detailed designs of the technological infrastructure are developed in close coordination. In the third phase, the project is implemented with the delivery and integration of technical equipment for the central operations center. The work is completed with intensive testing, as well as with the training and support of outernet London's operational staff.

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by • 7 jul, 2021
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