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The differential and innovative value proposition of the Spanish nsign.tv has not gone unnoticed by the Japanese multinational display company iiyama, that has not hesitated to sign a technological alliance to offer a disruptive model, as explained for Digital AV its CEO, Toni Viñals, in the digital signage environment.

The agreement with the Japanese multinational iiyama, by which it approves the nsign.tv software for its all-in-one screens of 43 to 86″, marks a new stage for a newly created company like nsign.tv. What is your assessment and how did this alliance come about??

This alliance responds to the interest of the two companies to offer a differential value proposition to the market of the digitalization of physical spaces. It is a great step for nsign.tv and we are very satisfied with the milestone achieved.. That a Japanese company like iiyama, where its displays are famous all over the world for their quality, reliability and durability, having chosen our platform is evidence that our value proposition is at the level of this alliance.

Two years ago, in 2019, this alliance was forged, when after validating iiyama products in different digital signage projects in Spain with different integrators, we proposed to the management of this multinational to go one step further and integrate nsign.tv in its displays to offer a complete plug solution & Play (display + platform) that offered value from the first moment to the end user.

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– What differential does the digital signage platform offer nsign.tv with respect to the rest for, as they point out, democratize this market?

The main value proposition is to turn the sale of a monitor or display into a value solution. The proposal all-in-one of iiyama with nsign.tv is a disruptive business model, fruit of the vision of offering the market complete and accessible solutions to any brand or company that needs to communicate, regardless of your size or investment capacity, to help the democratization of digital signage.

The new range of iiyama all-in-one displays responds to the needs of the digital signage market with a powerful solution, reliable and scalable, that does not require technical service for its configuration and maintenance.

The speed in the implementation of the solution, ease of use, the power of the platform and the support of the entire nsign. Academy that accompanies our distributors and users are differential points that we are convinced will make this integration very productive, both for our distributors and for the end customer.

last, once you come into contact with the universe nsign.tv, the end user discovers the full power of using technology and content to get the most out of a display.

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– In this sense, What value and benefits do they offer to the end customer's business with this digitalization model?? And as for the contribution of nsign. Academy in this process?

From the moment it starts and connects to the network, this solution is ready to use, and ensures automated and centralized control of small information, medium and large companies, allowing users to create, program and play media across your network of screens, update it in real time and control the status of the same. All remotely, from anywhere and on any device.

On the other hand, thanks to the integration with nsign.tv, now iiyama digital signage screens can be used individually or as part of a videowall or megabanner, creating unique experiences in a very simple way and with savings greater than 40% compared to other technologies.

Our challenge is that our users can focus on thinking about the right content for each type of client and physical space., what to communicate, which is the really important thing and forget how to do it, that's what our platform is for.

To do this, the user also has unlimited access to nsign. Academy, a complete online academy in twelve languages where you can get all the information, Courses, webinars and recommendations to become certified and become 'nsigner’, the profession of the future of the new digital era.

– Which sectors benefit the most from this technological alliance?

We are a multi-sector platform. We provide value in all those processes of communication of physical points that can be digitized and / or automated.

The digital transformation of communication is necessary and is taking place, to a greater or lesser extent, in all sectors. The most advanced industries in digitalization have always been retail and catering., but there are many others to whom the pandemic has put the 'batteries'’ and are accelerating their transformation.

Our goal is that, through nsign.tv, brands can create different digital communication channels to generate their own content, with templates and resources, for the different spaces of their windows, Sections, Linear, restaurants, bureaux, production plants, waiting rooms, Receptions, hotel rooms, Lockers, Etc. The right content, in the right space and at the right time, for the right audience.

– From nsign.tv point out that digital signage is the future of retail, with a disruptive business model, what's the next step on your platform? Do you foresee new integration projects??

nsign.tv is a complete platform that, in a very friendly and intuitive way allows you to store, organize, program and play digital content in a measurable way, centralized and on any screen. Integrates with full flexibility to scalable digitization projects, through AI, Big Data and IoT, to create differential experiences with customers and employees in any physical space.

From large corporations that need to communicate globally, to small businesses that start in digital signage; from those customers who require the most advanced integrations with IoT devices, AI and Big Data, to those who only use the CMS to broadcast their promotional content, everyone has their space and their version on our platform, whose scalability is unlimited.

Our goal is to continue innovating, connect brands with their audiences in physical spaces, whatever the space, whatever the display, whatever the message,... making nsign.tv a global communication platform, where each user finds the solution to their problems.

What market forecasts do you have?, taking into account the deployment of iiyama in the Asian market?

nsign.tv has a double-digit growth year-on-year and we expect the post-pandemic takeoff to be more than 100%.

Our plans pass, short-term, for consolidating ourselves in Spain as the leading solution in digital signage and training our entire network of partners in the concept of nsigners for the development of all your digital transformation projects.

In addition, this alliance with iiyama opens the door to nsign.tv to all those markets where they are already present, and where we are already establishing permanent work teams to accompany the introduction of nsign.tv correctly through all iiyama partners.

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