Samsung Kiosk

Available in twelve countries worldwide, Samsung Kiosk ha sido desarrollado gracias a la colaboración con los principales partners de soluciones fintech manufacturer's.

The all-in-one solution Samsung Kiosk offers the possibility to place orders and payments without contact, “un sistema inteligente que ofrece todas las funciones necesarias para las empresas”, as he assures Hyesung Ha, Vp. senior Visual Display Business of the Korean multinational.

Samsung KioskAvailable in twelve countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Australia and Singapore, Samsung Kiosk incorporates a 24 touch screen″ and SoC technology (system on chip) manufacturer's, eliminating the need for an external pc.

"Digital kiosks have become part of everyday life, offering people a simple and intuitive way to buy products, at the same time that they provide companies with a novel solution to reinvent the space and increase its efficiency", underlines Hyesung Ha.

This digital kiosk has a modular design to provide a variety of payment options, including a base for the main ones EMV terminals (Europay, MasterCard, visa), besides barcode and QR readers. It also incorporates a printer y un sistema Wi-Fi.

Samsung Kiosk's all-in-one functionality makes maintenance quick and easy, ensuring a longer commercial operation time, which also improves customer satisfaction.

This new solution is especially suitable for any retail environment thanks to the different installation options that offers, both at any counter or table within a store, no need for additional construction, so time is reduced, money and space.

When installed with a stand it can be placed anywhere inside a shop to integrate perfectly with the interior design and can also be mounted on the wall to save even more space.

Samsung KioskDue to the increase in contactless interactions, Samsung has introduced an rantibacterial evestimiento, UL certified, to the kiosk screen, which also prevents it from fogging with oxygen and sulfur from the air to deliver crisp image quality throughout its kiosk life.

In addition, Samsung Kiosk screen is also covered with an ultra-resistant film that protects the customer even in case of serious damage.

Samsung Kiosk uses protection three-layer security, with Samsung Knox technology, designed to protect hardware, the payment platform and the application, as well as customer information.

This system also supports developing applications on a secure platform, through an open source operating system, based on Linux and powered by TizeN, which provides high compatibility and supports standard web technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, css), so developers can easily create software applications for Samsung Kiosk.

Samsung KioskTop solution partners fintech y de punto de venta (Pos) are joining the ecosystem of Samsung Tizen Kiosk, which already has more than twenty partners, como Diusframi, Grubbrr, Softpoint, Nanonation, 900 Solutions, Big Digital, Global POS, EuroPOS, Nowbusking, Etc. “que desempeñan un papel fundamental en la expansión de nuevas funciones para el quiosco”.

He points this out. Sam Zietz, CEO of Grubbrr, specialized in Order solving and Self-Service north America: “a medida que nuestras nuevas soluciones de autopedido se introducen en la potente plataforma Tizen de Samsung, nos enorgullece poder formar parte del quiosco con mayor estabilidad y rendimiento del mercado”.

Using the Remote Management Feature MagicInfo improves efficiency in store management, identifying any problems in real time and taking the necessary measures.

Samsung Kiosk's remote control capabilities enable problem diagnosis and control of essential functions, how to turn the screen on and off from anywhere. This solution will also be available in additional markets in the coming months.

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