AG Neovo PN-Series

The range of screens of videowall of ultrafine bezel AG Neovo PN-Series are an optimal choice for public places such as shopping centers, metro stations and airports.

Screens AG Neovo PN-Series ultra narrow bezel have been designed to offer great clarity in professional and commercial videowall applications.

The panel surface treatment has a 28% of mist and contains an anti-reflective coating, that improves the visibility of the viewer and the readability of the text. It has an integrated image enhancer with a 3D filter that solves cross-coloring and dot dragging in high-bandwidth transmission.

In addition, features 3D deinterlacing that prevents problems such as blur and flicker. Has noise reduction to eliminate signal instability and disturbances, and provide a crystal clear picture.

Gracias a su diseño de bisel ultrafino, your image performance and reliability, PN-Series are a smart option to build videowalls in public places such as shopping centers, metro stations and airports, and in broadcast environments such as television studios. In control centres and industrial sites, también es una pantalla de vigilancia idónea para identificar y contener anomalías “, explains Jessica Shih, director of project management at AG Neovo.

The PN series features an OPS slot, an integrated scheduler and a tile function that makes it easy to set up and maintain screens.

The programmer allows you to play content through a USB port. Playlists can be created and scheduled with playability, managed by a remote control to display the content.

These equipments are coated with metal and manufactured for a longer life, allowing continued use. It also features a HeatControl sensor that automatically activates internal cooling fans for prolonged use.

There are additional features that provide optimal visibility, how 500 brightness nits and an anti-reflective panel. This makes them ideal for large public enclosures or control rooms with operability 24/7.

AG Neovo provides a functionality of connection in loop of DisplayPort that provides a source of input / output of video and audio to the screens of videowall of the series PN. this connection also makes installation easier, configuration and maintenance of the screen of videowall 2×2 with 4K resolution.

The product has other features that make it easy to connect to multiple sources. Includes HDMI, DVI and VGA.
AG Neovo has developed a display management software (for Windows, Android and iOS) which includes maintenance tools that adjust brightness, temperature and time of use.

The PN series screen creates seamless images thanks to its screens 55 inches with bezel 3,5 Mm. This results in flexible image designs, either horizontally or vertically, that adapt to various content and applications. Contains an EcoSmart sensor that increases readability, helps reduce eye fatigue, reduces energy consumption and optimizes energy efficiency.

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by • 9 jul, 2021
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