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The exhibition ‘Machine memoirs: Space’ has used eighteen DLP projectors of 3 chips ship, along with a custom algorithm of Refik Anadol and public space data from the agency's satellites and spacecraft NASA JPL.

An immersive tour of space has focused one of the latest exhibitions of the Turkish-American audiovisual artist Refik Anadol, whose main components were the public data collected by the satellites and craft of the fish trap, including Iss and the Hubble, with a custom algorithm of AI of the artist and techniques of visualization and pigmentation of data with projection equipment of ship.

The exhibition Machine memoirs: Space, which has been enjoyed recently in the Pilevneli Gallery of Istanbul, with more than 40.000 visitors in four weeks, brought together several works inspired by the artist's recent collaboration with NASA JPL, a U.S. federally funded research agency. USA. for robotic exploration of the solar system.

As Anadol himself explained, “me pregunté ¿las máquinas pueden aprender? Can they also dream? Can artificial intelligence become a tool for creativity? Can artificial intelligence become a tool for creativity?”

Refik Anadol Boat

Inteligencia artificial y proyección inmersiva

In this sense, para visualizar estas obras de IA, the artist has used the projection technology of the Belgian firm Barco, which he already used years ago in another immersive exhibition, which is combined with artificial intelligence data and algorithms.

Machine memoirs: Space has used eighteen digital projectors Boat DLP 3 Chips, selected by the vivid and saturated colors they offer, with high contrast and color stability over time.

In this immersive exhibition have also collaborated the Turkish audiovisual company Reflection Production and the metropolitan authority of Istanbul. The artist has also made this year another visual exhibition in Spain, as picked up Digital AV.

Anadol's goal with this immersive projection installation, compared to others that are being carried out around the world, has been to bring more depth, creativity and imagination to this format, with the help of AI and how light is projected into architecture.

Refik Anadol Boat

Architecture and visualization

"I am not interested in the material quality of the architecture," said the artist.. What I try to imagine in my work needs brilliance, that's why I'm obsessed with exceptional color and brightness and, therefore, la calidad de la tecnología también debe ser excepcional”.

in Machine memoirs: Space, the artist has tried to make the visual elements in line with the physical space of the Pilevneli Gallery; each pixel of Anadol's creations has its concrete place in physical space.

As he stresses, “soy muy ambicioso en cuanto a las condiciones de iluminación y los colores. My team and I use the most advanced algorithms and spend thousands of hours calculating the data. Si elevamos el listón tan alto, ¿por qué querríamos visualizar nuestro trabajo con tecnología por debajo del estándar? Como innovador, quiero trabajar con empresas innovadoras como Barco.Los pioneros siempre tienen una conexión con los pioneros; eso no es una coincidencia”.

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by • 12 jul, 2021
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