L-Acoustics at ArTecHouse NYC

For the exhibition 'Geometric properties' of Julius Horsthuis, en el centro Artechouse Nyc, technology has been used L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound, que proporciona el sonido envolvente a esta experiencia audiovisual.

This year, Artechouse NYC has opened the season with the exhibition 'Geometric properties' (Geometric Properties) of Julius Horsthuis, a visual and fractal artist based in Amsterdam'. It is an immersive audiovisual installation that is presented as the latest in Artechouse's series of collaborations with some of the leading artists working at the intersection of art., science and technology. To respond to the installation surround sound has been used the solution L-Acoustics L-ISA.

Artechouse NYC is located in a boiler room beneath the iconic Chelsea Market and has become a unique New York City art destination and experience. It is an innovative space for immersive and interactive art exhibitions dedicated to providing the most advanced platforms for artists who foster the genre and experiment with emerging technologies and new forms of creative expression.

Open to all ages, to the 6 September, the ‘Geometric properties’ features original soundtracks by Michael Stearns and David Levy. A journey through the infinite geometric patterns of fractal worlds, that takes the visitor to an exploration of the recent past towards an ideal future, one that returns to nature and mathematics as a source of inspiration.

El autor la define como una “exploración de patrones matemáticos fundamentales para estimular la auto reflexión existencial y enfatizar el puro asombro del ser”.

L-Acoustics at ArTecHouse NYC

L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound

Since this is artechouse's third location (it is also present in Washington and Miami Beach), the creative director Riki Kim wanted it to push the benchmark of experience.

When determining audio equipment, they wanted a surround sound system with no hot spots in the room, in addition to being clear and transparent, expressing the wide range of tones and emotions of visual art.

To address the wide range of display material, the team chose L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology.

See Factor, based in Queens, supplied the sound system of 31 canals in Artechouse NYC, comprising 20 Speakers L-Acoustics X8 used as perimeter/outdoor speakers, ten speakers 5Xt deployed as upper/internal speakers and two subwoofers SB15m, which function as a single mono channel.

L-Acoustics at ArTecHouse NYC

The entire sound system is powered by six amplified controllers LA4X, with the surround mix running through the L-ISA processor. The sound technology is complemented by a laser projection system of frame of 150 megapixels with 16K resolution and powered by ship.

With L-ISA, the team was able to take a very complex score with several elements, separate them and place them in different places in the room. Since the mix had to be considered from all different angles because the audience constantly walks through the space, experiencing the images and sound from wherever your point of view is, L-ISA was the right choice to achieve this effect.

Artechouse NYC's Executive Creative Director, Riki Kim, points out that the impact of L-ISA technology is evident in the satisfaction of both artists and visitors to the site and facilities.

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by • 14 jul, 2021
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