AG Neovo PID Command-Ctrl

The new version 1.3.20 of the PID screen management solution Command @ Ctrl of AG Neovo supports more digital displays located on the same network, over RS-232 connections, to respond to demanding environments.

Now available, PID Command & Ctrl version 1.3.20 of AG Neovo allows users “access more common controls remotely to manage and maintain large-scale installations and in critical environments, as surveillance and healthcare applications”, Explains Kaien Yang, company product manager.

AG Neovo PID Command-CtrlThe new version of pid command software & Ctrl supports more monitors and advanced AG Neovo display models than before, as the series PN, PD, PM, QX, QD, QM, VW, RX, SX, HX and DR over connections RS-232, to respond to more demanding environments.

This display management solution allows users to control, configure and test AG Neovo's digital public information displays located on the same network. Thanks to its remote connections, “managing any display installation has never been easier since the software was released in 2018”, point from the company.

AG Neovo PID Command-CtrlPID Command @ Crtl provides in its new version 1.3.20 one centralized control sure, reliable and easy to use to configure multiple screens of digital signage or videowall of AG Neovo, with management via iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as with laptops and Windows PCs, saving a lot of time in configuration and no matter when or where it is being done.

With this new version, the company goes one step further in configuration, large-scale display maintenance and management from a central location not just in enterprises, but also in demanding high-level environments, as control rooms, medical centers, Etc.

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by • 16 jul, 2021
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