Absen Jade Dragon

The three models of the series of transparent Led panels Jade Dragon of Absen, is available in the European market, offer alternatives of size and design to respond to more creative demands.

After its online presentation last March (more data in Digital AV), the manufacturer Absen has available in the European market its transparent Led screen solution Jade Dragon (Jd), designed for use in storefronts, windows or space division.

Absen JD features a lightweight design on its panel 6,5 Kg, to which is added the thin thickness of the frame, of 10 Mm, with an index of transparency up to the 86%.

Absen Jade Dragon

With a brightness of up to 7.000 Nits and a high refresh rate of 3.840 Hz to 20.000 hz, “advertisers can be sure that the content of the JD series will be eye-catching and bold, and will not be affected by screen transparency”, explain from Absen.

In addition to this benefit, the manufacturer notes that “retailers will get the added benefit of having storefronts that can not only provide ample light and visibility to store products, but also advertise and attract customers simultaneously”.

The standard size of the panels in the series is 1.000×500 Mm, but all three models in the series offer alternatives in size and design customization to respond to more creative demands.

The models differ in terms of the distance between pixels and transparency and, if desired, may lack a framework. Models JD10 and JD16 have a transparency greater than 80% and can be completely customized up to the Led strip.

Absen Jade Dragon

In addition, customers can choose to install the model's transparent PC cover JD3.9, that further protects the panel and prevents the accumulation of dust in it.

for Ben Phelps, absen's director of retail industry, “during the last year, companies around the world have faced unprecedented challenges. Jade Dragon series will enable customers to create cutting-edge experiences, while benefiting from a product that can act as a showcase or glass wall, and also as an advertisement”.

The daily maintenance of this transparent panel is simplified with Absen maintenance tools, that are provided to each client at the time of installation.

Absen Jade Dragon (JD series)

As a guarantee of safety and reliability, from the company claim that the panels have passed rigorous tests of operation and operation; con más de 2.000 inspections and evaluations.

“Our goal at Absen is to create technology that supports businesses around the world as they begin to recover from the impact of the pandemic. The JD series will allow retailers and other businesses to present engaging video and advertising content that enhances the customer experience, without compromising the natural light available in space”, concludes Phelps.

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