LG in Club Atletico Osasuna

In the stadium of the Navarrese club has been installed a new Led video marker, configurado con una pantalla de Lg more than 86 square meters, a luminosity of 6.000 nits and a refresh rate of 4.000 hz.

the Club Atlético Osasuna and LG Business Solutions have teamed up to improve the fan experience in the El Sadar Stadium. To do this, a new one has been installed Led videomarker which includes the most advanced professional imaging technologies.

"With this reform we wanted to take a leap in the digital transformation of El Sadar. And nothing better to do it than to go hand in hand with LG for the installation of the new video framer. currently, is the second largest in La Liga", explains the president of the entity, Luis Sabalza.

LG has made available to the Navarrese club all its innovation and experience in a project that places El Sadar at the forefront of European stadiums.

The new videomarker installed has a size of 14.4×6 meters and a luminosity of 6.000 Nits. Thanks to its high quality Led chips, ensures optimal uniformity of brightness and faithful reproduction of the original colors to offer the best image from anywhere in the stands.

LG in Club Atletico Osasuna

Your refresh rate of 4.000 Hz reduces eye fatigue with the elimination of flicker and is ideal for viewing content, even through television cameras.

On the other hand, the durability and energy efficiency of the cabinets that make up the screen allow to offer a useful life of up to 100.000 hours at the lowest energy cost. Its design, lightweight and easy to install, is resistant to inclement weather.

"We have turned to the new videomarker of 86 square meters our best technology so that all Osasuna fans can enjoy the best experience when the stands of the stadium are filled again next season", Says Francisco Ramirez, CEO of LG Business Solutions.

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by • 27 jul, 2021
• section: Case studies, display